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Magellan mission summary
Magellan started mapping the planet Venus on September 15, 1990, and after one cycle (one Venus day or 243 Earth days) had mapped 84% of the planet's surface. This returned an image data volumeExpand
The 2009 Mars Telecom Orbiter mission
This work provides a comprehensive overview of the proposed Mars Telecom Orbiter (MTO) mission. Launched in 2009, MTO would provide Mars-to-Earth relay services for NASA missions arriving at MarsExpand
System fault protection design for the Cassini spacecraft
  • J. Slonski
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Aerospace Applications Conference…
  • 3 February 1996
Fault protection can include a wide range of topics, ranging from fault prevention to autonomous fault detection and recovery. This paper will address a portion of the autonomous fault detection andExpand
Battery simulation program
Computer program calculates spacecraft battery energy at specific times dictated by input sequence of recharge, discharge, and no activity phases, which assumes two identical batteries. Expand
Analysis of the degradation of a spaceflight tape recorder
Beginning shortly after launch, and continuing from orbital insertion around Venus through the prime science mission, one of the two magnetic tape recorders aboard the Magellan spacecraft experiencedExpand
Report on the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter Mission : JPL special review board
The Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) was launched on December 11, 1998. The MCO was to arrive at Mars and begin orbit insertion on September 23, 1999. The Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) burn, a 16-minuteExpand