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A turbidity-based method to continuously monitor sediment, carbon and nitrogen flows in mountainous watersheds
Summary The aim of this study was to develop a method to continuously monitor sediment, carbon and nitrogen concentrations in streams using turbidity sensors. Field experiments were conducted in anExpand
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Paleo-pedological record of the Rocourt Pedosequence at Veldwezelt–Hezerwater (Belgian Pleistocene loess belt): Part 1 — Evolution of the parent material
As the environment influences soil formation, loess–paleosols are important archives of former climatic conditions. However, this record is highly complex and all features need to be evaluated inExpand
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Sediment trap efficiency of paddy fields at the watershed scale in a mountainous catchment in northwest Vietnam
Abstract. Composite agricultural systems with permanent maize cultivation in the uplands and irrigated rice in the valleys are very common in mountainous southeast Asia. The soil loss and fertilityExpand
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Paleo-pedological record of the Rocourt pedosequence at Veldwezelt–Hezerwater (Belgian Pleistocene loess belt): Part 2 — Soil formation
Abstract As the environment influences soil formation, Quaternary loess–paleosols provide an important, yet complex source on former climate and vegetation conditions. This study revises theExpand
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Sediment-associated organic carbon and nitrogen inputs from erosion and irrigation to rice fields in a mountainous watershed in Northwest Vietnam
Maintaining indigenous nutrient supply and positive nutrient balances are key factors in sustaining rice yields. Irrigation systems act as conveyers for water, sediments and nutrients throughoutExpand
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Fossil redox-conditions influence organic matter composition in loess paleosols
The soil memory recorded in paleosols of loess-paleosol sequences is an important contributor to our understanding of past climatic conditions. Molecular proxies based on the organic matter preservedExpand
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Quantifying uncertainty on sediment loads using bootstrap confidence intervals.
Abstract. Load estimates are more informative than constituent concentrations alone, as they allow quantification of on- and off-site impacts of environmental processes concerning pollutants,Expand
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Prolyl oligopeptidase-like deficient Trypanosoma evansi parasites are associated with reduced interleukin-10 concentrations in vivo and in vitro
The protozoan parasite Trypanosoma evansi is responsible for causing Surra in a variety of mammalian hosts over a wide geographical area. In the absence of an effective vaccine and increasingExpand
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Patterns of soil organic Carbon, Nitrogen and 137Cs in the high wetlands at the foot of the Huayna-Potosí Glacier (La Paz, Bolivia)
1 .pdf copy (1 Pag.) of the abstract published by the Organization. © Author(s) 2018. CC Attribution 4.0 license.
Identifying the provenance of sediments in melting season in Artic Aldegonda Glacier (Svalbard)
(1) Estación Experimental de Aula Dei.(EEAD-CSIC) Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Zaragoza, Spain (anavas@eead.csic.es), (2) Institute of Earth Sciences. Heidelberg University.Expand