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Understanding Candida rugosa lipases: an overview.
In the present paper the recent developments published in the CRL field are overviewed, focusing on comparison of structural and biochemical data among isoenzymes (Lip1-Lip5), and their influence in the biocatalytical performance. Expand
Screening and catalytic activity in organic synthesis of novel fungal and yeast lipases
A total of 969 microbial strains were isolated from soil samples and tested to determine their lipolytic activity by employing screening techniques on solid and in liquid media. Ten lipase-producingExpand
Thermal stabilization of immobilized lipase B from Candida antarctica on different supports: Effect of water activity on enzymatic activity in organic media
Abstract Covalent immobilization of C. antarctica lipase B (CALB) on sepharose, alumina, and silica was undertaken. The thermal stability of these covalently immobilized catalysts were studied andExpand
Microbial cells as catalysts for stereoselective red-ox reactions.
An overview of the state of the art of red-ox biotransformations catalyzed by whole cells - wild-type or genetically engineered microorganisms is presented, focusing in their chemo-, regio- and stereoselectivity. Expand
Biocatalytic strategies for the asymmetric synthesis of alpha-hydroxy ketones.
The field represents an illustrative example of how biocatalysis can assist practical synthetic processes, and how problems derived from the integration of natural tools in synthetic pathways can be efficiently tackled to afford high yields and enantioselectivities. Expand
Novel microbial lipases: catalytic activity in reactions in organic media.
Lipases from the fungi Fusarium oxysporum and Ovadendron sulphureo-ochraceum gave the best yields and enantioselectivities in the resolution of racemic ibuprofen and 1-phenylethanol and several lipases displayed a high stereoselectivity in theresolution of chiral amines by an alcoxycarbonylation reaction. Expand
Application of ultrasound to biotechnology: an overview.
Application of ultrasound to biotechnology is relatively new, but several processes that take place in the presence of cells or enzymes are activated by ultrasonic waves. High intensity ultrasonicExpand
Immobilization of lipase from Candida cylindracea on inorganic supports
Abstract Lipase from Candida cylindracea has been covalently immobilized on trichlorotriazine activated supports (alumina, silica and two types of controlled pore glass). The optimum conditions ofExpand
Regioselective enzymatic acylation of pharmacologically interesting nucleosides in 2-methyltetrahydrofuran, a greener substitute for THF
1-β-Arabinofuranosyl uracil, 9-β-arabinofuranosyl adenosine, 2′-O-(2-methoxyethyl)-5-methyl uridine, adenosine and uridine were enzymatically acylated with hexanoic anhydride and vinyl esters by CALBExpand
New yeast strains for enantioselective production of halohydrin precursor of (S)-Propranolol
Abstract The synthesis of ( R ) or ( S ) 1-chloro-3-(1-naphthyloxy)propan-2-ol, (2-Propranolol precursor) using yeast-catalysed reduction of 1-chloro-3-(1-naphthyloxy)propan-2-one, 1 is described.Expand