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Species Structure, Dry Matter Dynamics and Carbon Flux of a Dry Tropical Forest in India
Species composition, plant biomass and net primary productivity were studied on three sites of a dry tropical forest The forest was characterized by small structure with 38-10.4 m 2 ha −1 tree and 3Expand
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The structure and function of ten Western North American grasslands: III. Net primary production, turnover and efficiencies of energy capture and water use
(1) Levels of net primary production and the efficiencies of energy capture and water use were investigated in six grassland types encompassing ten western North American grasslands. Emphasis wasExpand
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Efficient soil microorganisms: A new dimension for sustainable agriculture and environmental development
Abstract Sustainable agriculture is vital in today's world as it offers the potential to meet our agricultural needs, something that conventional agriculture fails to do. This type of agricultureExpand
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Tree species composition, dispersion and diversity along a disturbance gradient in a dry tropical forest region of India
Forest inventory data were collected in 1998–2000 from fifteen 1 ha permanent plots along a disturbance gradient in a dry tropical forest region of India. A total of 4033 stems, 49 species, 44 generaExpand
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Composition and dynamics of dry tropical forest in relation to soil texture
43 stands of a dry tropical forest vegetation occurring in the Vindhyan region of India were studied and the data were analysed using multivariate methods. The vegetation comprised five communityExpand
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The biodiversity crisis: A multifaceted review
We examined 90 dry tropical tree species growing on contrasting soil types (relatively infertile Ultisol and more fertile Inceptisol) for leaf traits such as leaf habit, specific leaf mass((SLM, leafExpand
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Ecology of seed and seedling growth for conservation and restoration of tropical dry forest : a review
Dry forests are among the most threatened ecosystems and have been extensively converted into grasslands, secondary forest, savanna or agricultural land. Knowledge of seed germination and seedlingExpand
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Biomass, net primary production and impact of bamboo plantation on soil redevelopment in a dry tropical region
Abstract Growth and impact of a bamboo ( Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees) plantation on mine spoil in a dry tropical region were examined. Culm dynamics, biomass, net primary production, soilExpand
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Man and forests: a central Himalayan case study.
The forests of the Central Himalaya are suffering serious losses due to population growth and expansion of agriculture. Although utilization of forest products is a necessary component of the CentralExpand
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Potential of lactic streptococci to produce bacteriocin.
A survey was made on the bacteriocin-producing potential of lactic streptococci. Bacteriocin-like activities were isolated and partially purified from about 5% of the 280 strains investigated. TheExpand
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