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Militarized Interstate Disputes, 1816–1992: Rationale, Coding Rules, and Empirical Patterns
Militarized interstate disputes are united historical cases of conflict in which the threat, display or use of military force short of war by one member state is explicitly directed towards theExpand
Reconstructing the correlates of war dataset on material capabilities of states, 1816–1985
Given the central role of the concept of material capabilities in international politics models, and the ambiguity of the notion, it is essential that we define and measure it in operational terms.Expand
Resort to Arms: International and Civil Wars, 1816-1980
'Small and Singer have made a valuable collection of data even more valuable by opening up more possibilities for systematic research on conflict.' -- The Annals, Vol 475, Sept 1984 'At first glanceExpand
The Level-of-Analysis Problem in International Relations
In any area of scholarly inquiry, there are always several ways in which the phenomena under study may be sorted and arranged for purposes of systemic analysis. Whether in the physical or socialExpand
Civil War in the Post-Colonial World, 1946-92
In this article, we provide a systematic analysis of the extent to which political, economic, and cultural factors are associated with civil wars in the post-colonial states of Africa, Asia, and theExpand
Inter-State, Intra-State, and Extra-State Wars: A Comprehensive Look at Their Distribution over Time, 1816–1997
Students of world politics disagree about the approaching outlook for war. Are we in the midst of an era of peace with a declining prospect of war, or are we facing a future characterized byExpand
Intergovernmental Organization in the Global System, 1815–1964:A Quantitative Description
The major purpose of this article is to report the results of a first systematic effort to generate data so that the empirical testing of propositions, models, or theories in which international organization is a major variable can be moved on in a cumulative fashion. Expand
Multipolar Power Systems and International Stability
In the classical literature of diplomatic history, the balance-of-power concept occupies a central position. Regardless of one's interpretation of the term or one's preference for or antipathy to it,Expand
The Composition and Status Ordering of the International System: 1815–1940
This paper has two closely related purposes, both of which, if accomplished, may help to accelerate the development of international relations as an empirically based discipline. One is to identifyExpand