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Effects of humic substances derived from organic waste enhancement on the growth and mineral nutrition of maize.
A physico-chemical process has been developed to transform and enhance lignocellulosic waste in liquid humic extracts: humic-like substances (HLS). The aim of this study was to determine the effectsExpand
A field study of lead phytoextraction by various scented Pelargonium cultivars.
Phytoremediation appears to be a promising technique for metal soil clean up, although its successful application on a large scale still remains a challenge. Field experiments for six scentedExpand
Nitrate reductase regulation in tomato roots by exogenous nitrate: a possible role in tolerance to long-term root anoxia.
The mechanism of nitrate reductase (NR) regulation under long-term anoxia in roots of whole plants and the putative role of nitrate in anoxia tolerance have been addressed. NR activity in tomatoExpand
Sensitivity of freshwater periphytic diatoms to agricultural herbicides.
The biomonitoring of pesticide pollution in streams and rivers using algae such as diatoms remains difficult. The responses of diatom communities to toxic stress in stream water are disturbed by theExpand
Lead-induced DNA damage in Vicia faba root cells: potential involvement of oxidative stress.
Genotoxic effects of lead (0-20μM) were investigated in whole-plant roots of Vicia faba L., grown hydroponically under controlled conditions. Lead-induced DNA damage in V. faba roots was evaluated byExpand
Nitrate uptake and nitrite release by tomato roots in response to anoxia.
Excised root systems of tomato plants (early fruiting stage, 2nd flush) were subjected to a gradual transition from normoxia to anoxia by seating the hydroponic root medium while aeration wasExpand
Potential role of NADPH-oxidase in early steps of lead-induced oxidative burst in Vicia faba roots.
The mechanism of oxidative burst induced by lead in Vicia faba excised roots was investigated by luminol-dependent chemiluminescence. Results showed that lead triggered a rapid and dose-dependentExpand
Environmentally relevant approaches to assess nanoparticles ecotoxicity: a review.
Despite the increasing production and use of nanoparticles (NPs), there is a lack of knowledge about their environmental fate and ecotoxicity. Studies in environmentally relevant conditions areExpand
Plant injury due to oxygen deficiency in the root environment of soilless culture: A review
The deficiency of oxygen concentration in root environment linked to waterlogging conditions caused important injuries for plants. These effects could be reproduced by oxygen deficient nutrientExpand
Effects of pesticides on freshwater diatoms.
The study of pesticide effects on algae, and diatoms in particular, was focused on photosynthesis and biomass growth disturbances. Few studies have been performed to investigate the effects of theseExpand