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Neutron Reflectivity and Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of a Lipid Bilayer in Water Adsorbed to the Surface of a Silicon Single Crystal
Specular reflection of neutrons has been used to characterize the structure of single lipid bilayers adsorbed to a planar silicon surface from aqueous solution. We used a novel experimental setupExpand
Assessment of the active-site requirements of lanosterol 14.alpha.-demethylase: evaluation of novel substrate analogs as competitive inhibitors
A partir d'3β-acetate de lanost-7-ene-3β,30-diol, synthese de 14α-allyl, 14α-propyl, 14α-vinyl, 14α-ethyl-4,4-dimethyl-5α-cholest-7-en-3β-ol et de 30-thiiran-2-yl, 30-oxiran-2-yl-lanost-7-en-3β-ol.Expand
Characterization and crystal structure of two polymorphic forms of racemic thalidomide
There are two polymorphic forms of racemic thalidomide. The α-polymorph was formed by crystallization from 2-ethoxyethanol, methanol or dichloromethane, while the β-polymorph was formed byExpand
Revision of the Structure of ‘Epoxycolchicine’
Revision der Struktur von «Epoxycolchicin» Die fur naturliches «Epoxycolchicin» vorgeschlagene Struktur 2 muss aufgrund einer Kristall-Rontgenstrukturanalyse zu derjenigen des cyclischenExpand