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Social dominance orientation: A personality variable predicting social and political attitudes.
Social dominance orientation (SDO), one's degree of preference for inequality among social groups, is introduced. On the basis of social dominance theory, it is shown that (a) men are more socialExpand
Social Dominance: An Intergroup Theory of Social Hierarchy and Oppression
Part I. From There to Here - Theoretical Background: 1. From visiousness to viciousness: theories of intergroup relations 2. Social dominance theory as a new synthesis Part II. Oppression and itsExpand
Social dominance theory and the dynamics of intergroup relations: Taking stock and looking forward
This chapter reviews the last 15 years of research inspired by social dominance theory, a general theory of societal group-based inequality. In doing so, we sketch the broad outlines of the theoryExpand
The nature of social dominance orientation: Theorizing and measuring preferences for intergroup inequality using the new SDO₇ scale.
A new conceptualization and measurement of social dominance orientation-individual differences in the preference for group based hierarchy and inequality-is introduced. In contrast to previousExpand
Social Dominance Theory: Its Agenda and Method
The theory has been misconstrued in four primary ways, which are often expressed as the claims of psychological reductionism, conceptual redundancy, biological reductionism, and hierarchyExpand
Social Dominance Orientation
Social dominance orientation (SDO) is one of the most powerful predictors of intergroup attitudes and behavior. Although SDO works well as a unitary construct, some analyses suggest it might consistExpand
The effect of university roommate contact on ethnic attitudes and behavior
This study examined the effect of living with White, Asian American, Latino, or African American roommates on affective, cognitive, and behavioral indicators of prejudice among university students.Expand
The Interface Between Ethnic and National Attachment: Ethnic Pluralism or Ethnic Dominance?
Les AA. etudient le lien entre attachement ethnique et attachement national. Ils presentent et comparent un certain nombre de donnees collectees en 1993 en Californie, aux Etats-Unis ainsi que desExpand
Evidence for hypodescent and racial hierarchy in the categorization and perception of biracial individuals.
Individuals who qualify equally for membership in two racial groups provide a rare window into social categorization and perception. In 5 experiments, we tested the extent to which a rule ofExpand