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Sweetpotato is one of the most important staple food crops with significant role for food security and also a potential commercial crop in many sub Saharan African countries. In Kenya, its productionExpand
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Combining ability and heterosis for yield and drought tolerance traits under managed drought stress in sweetpotato
Drought is among sweetpotato production constraints in sub-Saharan Africa. Two studies were conducted on 15 F1 sweetpotato families (G1-G15) generated using a half-diallel mating scheme of sixExpand
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Combining ability and cultivar superiority of sorghum germplasm for grain yield across tropical low- and mid-altitude environments
Abstract Sorghum grain production in sub-Saharan Africa is constrained by the fact that farmers’ choice of improved varieties is limited. Hybrid cultivars have been shown to be more productive forExpand
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Assessment of genetic relationship of promising potato genotypes grown in Rwanda using SSR markers
Evaluation of genetic relationship and divergence is important for an efficient choice of parents for breeding and strategic conservation. The objective of this study was to determine geneticExpand
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Genetic diversity among maize inbred lines selected for the mid- altitudes and highlands of Rwanda
Understanding the genetic diversity and relationships among breeding materials is fundamentally considerable for any crop improvement program. This study was carried out to apply specific singleExpand
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Diversity analysis and genome-wide association studies of grain shape and eating quality traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.) using DArT markers
Microarray-based markers such as Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) have become the genetic markers of choice for construction of high-density maps, quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping and geneticExpand
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Genotype X Environment Interaction for Storage Root Yield in Sweetpotato Under Managed Drought Stress Conditions
Most crops, including sweetpotato vary widely in yield performance across different agro-ecological environments. This study was set up to determine the genotype x environment interaction (GEI) forExpand
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Farmers’ desired traits and selection criteria for maize varieties and their implications for maize breeding: A case study from KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
Adoption of hybrids and improved varieties has remained low in the smallholder farming sector of South Africa, despite maize being the staple food crop for the majority of households. The objectiveExpand
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Identification of new sources of resistance to Striga gesnerioides in cowpea germplasm
There have been reports of breakdown of striga resistance in previously resistant cowpea cultivars in Burkina Faso. This could be attributed to new striga races emerging or to an increase in theExpand
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Heterotic orientation of tropical maize inbred lines towards populations ZM523 and Suwan-1 under downy mildew infestation
Development of top cross varieties with downy mildew (DM) resistance is one approach to enhance maize productivity in tropical lowland environments. The objective of this study was to determineExpand
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