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권기수는 한국의 가장 촉망되는 화가 중 한사람이다. 그의 작품에는 많은 동양 예술의 비유들과 철학이 담겨져 있다. 화가로서, 권기수는 그의 그림에 동양적 사 상과 현대적 사상을 모두 채택하였다. 그의 주요 주제들은 ‘매화꽃, 국화, 난초 그 리고 대나무’이다. 이 식물들은 한국에서 ‘사군자’라고 알려졌으나, 영어로 ‘네 개 의 품위 있는 식물’ 또는 ‘네Expand
Gamma Discounting
By incorporating the probability distribution directly into the analysis, this paper proposes a new theoretical approach to resolving the perennial dilemma of being uncertain about what discount rateExpand
General Equilibrium Computations of the Marginal Welfare Costs of Taxes in the United States
In recent years, increasing attention has been paid by public finance economists to the marginal excess burden (MEB)1 per additional dollar of tax revenue. Estimates of MEBs stand in contrast toExpand
Applying general equilibrium
The aim of this book is to make more widely available a body of recent research activity that has become known as applied general equilibrium analysis. The central idea underlying this work is toExpand
Applied General Equilibrium Models of Taxation and International Trade
We wish to acknowledge the help of three referees and of John Pencavel on several earlier drafts, as well as the assistance of the modelers, whose work is referred to in the paper. They corrected ourExpand
Cash Distributions to Shareholders
Abstract Economists have long been puzzled by why firms pay dividends when alternative methods of rewarding shareholders and financiers exist which involve less taxes. This paper will highlight theExpand
The bankruptcy decision
This paper investigates the circumstances under which a firm will be forced into bankruptcy. The model developed can be viewed as part of a larger framework which would be necessary to address theExpand
Exchange Traded Funds: A New Investment Option for Taxable Investors
Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are a new variety of mutual fund that first became available in 1993. ETFs have grown rapidly and now hold nearly $80 billion in assets. ETFs are sometimes described asExpand
A General Equilibrium Model for Tax Policy Evaluation
This book reports the authors' research on one of the most sophisticated general equilibrium models designed for tax policy analysis. Significantly disaggregated and incorporating the complete arrayExpand
Share Repurchases and Acquisitions: an Analysis of Which Firms Participate
Firms can transmit cash to shareholders either by paying dividends or by purchasing shares. The share purchases can be either the firm's own securities or those of another firm. Recent evidenceExpand