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Effects of Light Crude Oil Contamination on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Fine Sand
The use of oil-contaminated sand in building and construction is now being considered as an alternative and cost-effective way to minimize its adverse effect on the environment. To achieve this, theExpand
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Finite element limit analysis of passive earth resistance in cohesionless soils.
This note examines the classic passive earth resistance of cohesionless soil by using two newly developed numerical procedures based on finite element formulations of the bound theorems of limitExpand
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Bearing capacity of a sand layer on clay by finite element limit analysis
Rigorous plasticity solutions for the ultimate bearing capacity of a strip footing resting on a sand layer over clay soil are obtained by applying advanced upper and lower bound techniques. The stu...
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Undrained Stability of Footings on Slopes
Solutions for the ultimate bearing capacity of footings on purely cohesive slopes are obtained by applying finite element upper and lower bound methods. In a footing-on-slope system, the ultimateExpand
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Numerical Analysis of Passive Earth Pressures with Interfaces
Elasto-plastic analysis for classical lateral earth pressures is presented in this paper by applying the explicit finite difference method using FLAC. The numerical model presented here consists of aExpand
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International Conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction Oil contaminated sand: An emerging and sustainable construction material
Abstract Crude oil spillage severely impacts the environment and affects the physical and chemical properties of the surrounding soil. Due to prohibitive cost of cleaning and disposing oilExpand
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Relating volume loss and greenfield settlement
Abstract This paper develops a numerical procedure for investigating settlement induced by circular tunnels in soft soils. The numerical procedure aims to simulate the movement and relaxation of theExpand
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Microbial control of coconut leaf beetle (Brontispa longissima) with green muscardine fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae var. anisopliae
Abstract A domestic strain of Metarhizium anisopliae var. anisopliae (MA-1) was isolated from infected coconut leaf beetles (CLB), Brontispa longissima. Mycelial growth of this green muscardineExpand
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Revisiting Broms and Bennermarks’ original stability number for tunnel headings
For undrained clay without volume loss during plastic shearing, stability results are independent of loading directions, and the combination of surcharge, self-weight and internal supporting pressu...
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