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TOPICAL REVIEW: The doping process and dopant characteristics of GaN
The characteristic effects of doping with impurities such as Si, Ge, Se, O, Mg, Be, and Zn on the electrical and optical properties of GaN-based materials are reviewed. In addition, the roles ofExpand
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White-light emission from near UV InGaN-GaN LED chip precoated with blue/green/red phosphors
Phosphor-converted light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were fabricated by precoating blue/green/red phosphors onto near ultraviolate (n-UV) LED chips prior to package into LED lamps. With a 20-mA injectionExpand
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Improved Reliability and ESD Characteristics of Flip-Chip GaN-Based LEDs With Internal Inverse-Parallel Protection Diodes
In this letter, a GaN/sapphire light-emitting diode (LED) structure was designed with improved electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance through the use of a shunt GaN ESD diode connected inExpand
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400-nm InGaN-GaN and InGaN-AlGaN multiquantum well light-emitting diodes
The 400-nm In/sub 0.05/Ga/sub 0.95/N-GaN MQW light-emitting diode (LED) structure and In/sub 0.05/Ga/sub 0.95/N-Al/sub 0.1/Ga/sub 0.9/N LED structure were both prepared by organometallic vapor phaseExpand
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Influence of Si-doping on the characteristics of InGaN-GaN multiple quantum-well blue light emitting diodes
A detailed study on the effects of Si-doping in the GaN barrier layers of InGaN-GaN multiquantum well (MQW) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has been performed. Compared with unintentionally dopedExpand
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Enhanced output power in GaN-based LEDs with naturally textured surface grown by MOCVD
GaN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with naturally textured surfaces grown by MOCVD were demonstrated. In this study, a growth-interruption step and a surface treatment using biscyclopentadienylExpand
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The improvement in modulation speed of GaN-based Green light-emitting diode (LED) by use of n-type barrier doping for plastic optical fiber (POF) communication
We demonstrate a high-speed GaN-based light-emitting diode at a wavelength of around 500 nm for the application to plastic optical fiber communication. By use of the n-type doping in the GaN barrierExpand
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High-dielectric-constant Ta2O5/n-GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor structure
High-dielectric-constant Ta2O5 has been grown on the n-GaN epifilm by rf magnetron sputtering. Photoluminescence measurement has been performed to compare the luminescence intensity with and withoutExpand
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High-transparency Ni/Au ohmic contact to p-type GaN
In this study, a very thin Ni/Au bilayer metal film was prepared by electron beam evaporation and thermal alloying to form ohmic contact on p-type GaN film. After thermal alloying, theExpand
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Enhanced efficiency of GaN-based light-emitting diodes with periodic textured Ga-doped ZnO transparent contact layer
GaN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with indium tin oxide (ITO)/Ga-doped ZnO (GZO) composite oxide films serving as a transparent contact layer (TCL) were demonstrated. In this study, theExpand
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