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Wheat puroindolines enhance fungal disease resistance in transgenic rice.
Puroindolines are effective in vivo in antifungal proteins and could be valuable new tools in the control of a wide range of fungal pathogens of crop plants. Expand
Characterisation of systemic resistance in sugar beet elicited by a non-pathogenic, phyllosphere-colonizing Bacillus mycoides, biological control agent
Abstract Bacillus mycoides isolate Bac J, a non-pathogenic, phyllosphere-inhabiting bacterium, reduces Cercospora leaf spot ( Cercospora beticola Sacc.) of sugar beet by 38–91% in both glasshouse andExpand
Screening for the identification of potential biological control agents that induce systemic acquired resistance in sugar beet
A combination of glycol chitin and aniline blue plate assays correctly identified all in planta inducers of systemic resistance as measured by control of Cercospora leaf spot in classical challenge assays for systemic acquired resistance without the inclusion of false positive identifications, reducing the workload in subsequent disease challenge Assays by nearly 70%. Expand
The mating-type and pathogenicity locus of the fungus Ustilago hordei spans a 500-kb region.
Characterization of the organization of the known genes within the a and b gene complexes provided evidence for nonhomology and sequence inversion between MAT-1 and MAT-2 and suggested that recombination is suppressed within the MAT region. Expand
Heterokaryon formation and vegetative compatibility in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Heterokaryon formation was under the control of a regulatory system that resulted in incompatibility in some combinations of strains, but not in others, and vegetative compatibility groups did not directly correspond to mycelial compatibility groups. Expand
Alteration of the Trifoliin A-Binding Capsule of Rhizobium trifolii 0403 by Enzymes Released from Clover Roots.
Results suggest that enzymes in clover root exudate alter the trifoliin A-binding capsule in a way which would favor polar attachment of R. trifolii to cloverRoot exudates converted into products which eventually lost their ability to immunoprecipitate with homologous antibody. Expand
Stimulation of clover root hair infection by lectin-binding oligosaccharides from the capsular and extracellular polysaccharides of Rhizobium trifolii.
This bacteriophage-induced polysaccharide depolymerase converted the acidic CPS and EPS of R. trifolii 0403 into biologically active oligosaccharides capable of binding trifoliin A and stimulating root hair infection. Expand
Oxidative burst elicited by Bacillus mycoides isolate Bac J, a biological control agent, occurs independently of hypersensitive cell death in sugar beet.
Systemic resistance responses elicited by live B. mycoides Bac J and avirulent E. carotovora pv. Expand
Puroindolines: Their Role in Grain Hardness and Plant Defence
The puroindolines are unique tryptophan-rich proteins found only in the Triticeae that are important in affecting wheat end use properties because of their control of wheat grain hardness. Expand
Morphological and Mutational Analysis of Mating in Ustilago hordei
Twenty-six mutants that fail to form dikaryotic mycelium have been isolated and characterized and provide an indication of the genetic complexity involved in this critical phase of the U. hordei life cycle. Expand