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Making middleboxes someone else's problem: network processing as a cloud service
Modern enterprises almost ubiquitously deploy middlebox processing services to improve security and performance in their networks. Despite this, we find that today's middlebox infrastructure isExpand
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Rollback-Recovery for Middleboxes
Network middleboxes must offer high availability, with automatic failover when a device fails. Achieving high availability is challenging because failover must correctly restore lost state (e.g.,Expand
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Embark: Securely Outsourcing Middleboxes to the Cloud
It is increasingly common for enterprises and other organizations to outsource network processing to the cloud. For example, enterprises may outsource firewalling, caching, and deep packetExpand
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BlindBox: Deep Packet Inspection over Encrypted Traffic
Many network middleboxes perform deep packet inspection (DPI), a set of useful tasks which examine packet payloads. These tasks include intrusion detection (IDS), exfiltration detection, and parentalExpand
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Silo: Predictable Message Latency in the Cloud
Many cloud applications can benefit from guaranteed latency for their network messages, however providing such predictability is hard, especially in multi-tenant datacenters. We identify three keyExpand
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Low latency via redundancy
Low latency is critical for interactive networked applications. But while we know how to scale systems to increase capacity, reducing latency --- especially the tail of the latency distribution ---Expand
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BlindBox: Deep Packet Inspection over Encrypted Traffic
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Elastic Scaling of Stateful Network Functions
Elastic scaling is a central promise of NFV but has been hard to realize in practice. The difficulty arises because most Network Functions (NFs) are stateful and this state need to be shared acrossExpand
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Reverse traceroute
Traceroute is the most widely used Internet diagnostic tool today. Network operators use it to help identify routing failures, poor performance, and router misconfigurations. Researchers use it toExpand
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Using the Middle to Meddle with Mobile
Researchers and mobile users have little visibility into the network traffic generated by mobile devices and have poor control over how, when, and where that traffic is sent and handled. This paperExpand
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