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Ascochyta blight of lentils in western Canada: 1978 to 1980
Ascochyta blight of lentils was reported in Canada for the first time in 1978. Surveys of seed samples clearly demonstrated that the disease was already widespread in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. TheExpand
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Fiscal futures, institutional budget reforms, and their effects: What can be learned?
Long-term fiscal projections provide a basis to discuss the sustainability of current public policies over an extended period (ten years or more) against select fiscal indicator(s). They do so byExpand
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Peirce’s Pragmatism: The Design for Thinking
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The nectar is in the journey: Pragmatism, progress, and the promise of incrementalism 1
The nectar is in the journey, |3dotnld| ultimate goals may be illusory, nay, most likely are but a gossamer wing. Day by day, however, human life triumphs in its ineluctable capacity to hang in andExpand
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Reducing Pessimism's Sway in The Environmental Ethics Classroom
Increased awareness of the breadth and depth of existing environmental challenges is part of an environmental education. One effect of this increased awareness that can manifest itself in theExpand
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Effect of day length on reaction of sunflowers to Verticillium wilt
Symptoms of Verticillium wilt on inoculated plants of the sunflower cultivar Sunrise appeared sooner and were more severe under long days (16 h light, 8 h dark), or short days with interrupted darkExpand
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Role of β-phenyl rings in the deactivation of aromatic ketone triplets
Abstract The four aromatic ketones investigated were shown to be photostable in solution. Laser flash photolysis experiments show that this photostability is the result of highly efficient tripletExpand
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Budget Transparency and Development in Resource-Dependent Countries
The objective of this paper is to examine empirically the nature and extent of budget transparency in resource-dependent countries, as a potential foundation for improving governance and developmentExpand
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Chlorogenic acid, which occurs in high concentrations in tobacco, has been suggested as a factor in the resistance of potatoes to both verticillium wilt and common scab. In an investigation of theExpand
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