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The Mitrokin Archive@@@Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War
During the Cold War, writers and artists were faced with a huge challenge. In the Soviet world, they were expected to turn out works that glorified militancy, struggle and relentless optimism. In the
Challenges for Industrial Relations Policy in 2000
  • J. Shaw
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 1999
here is a lot of civility in the New South Wales industrial jurisdiction. Some remarkable agreements have been reached about the appropriate principles to be applied by the state’s Industrial
Fundamentals of War Gaming
The Role of Law in Both Encouraging and Discouraging Labour Organisation Activity
Although it now represents some highly evolved and complex processes, labour law is actually concerned with some very basic and central social relations: those between employer and employee; between
Moral Intervention?
  • J. Shaw
  • Political Science
  • 1 July 2002
M through historian and journalist David Halberstam’s latest book, War in a Time of Peace, we find President Bill Clinton in the midst of a tirade. Frustrated over a floundering policy toward Haiti
Book Reviews : LIONEL MURPHY: A POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY By Jenny Hocking. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 1997, 320 pp., $39.95 (hardback)
enny Hocking’s biography refocuses our minds on the life and achievements of Lionel Keith Murphy. Of course, much has been written on Murphy, but that material has concentrated on selected aspects of
Norman is an Island
What, then, is the consensus on this undeniably powerful man? He seems unhappy, insecure and not a little scared. Leigh's book alone should have given him a few sleepless nights, unless he is firmly