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Superficial temporal artery aneurysms.
Because of the rarity of these aneurysms, two cases demonstrated by selective external carotid angiography are reported, both of which have a past history of a cerebrovascular accident. Expand
Hepatocellular carcinoma: uptake of 99mTc-IDA in primary tumor and metastasis.
Four consecutive cases of proven hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) showed significant avidity of 99mTc -labeled iminodiacetic acids (Tc- IDAs) in preoperative scintigraphy, suggesting a potential for using Tc-IDAs for the specific and preoperative diagnostic of HCC. Expand
The Inferior Vena Cava After Ligation and Plication
The chief purpose of this report is to examine in detail the primary and alternate routes of venous return after ligation or plic... Expand
Early venous filling in cranial angiography.
Early venous filling in cerebral angiography is said to be present when there is progression from the arterial filling phase to the venous phase without an obvious or apparent intervening arterial emptying or capillary phase. Expand
Cerebral angiography of bacterial infection.
Analysis of each type of infectious process with attention to the angiographic signs and pathologic correlation is the purpose of this report. Expand
Radionuclide angiography for assessment of hyperthyroidism.
A retrospective study of 66 radionuclide angiograms of the thyroid showed that a simple visual inspection of the images is highly accurate for diagnosing hyperthyroidism. Mathematical analysis withExpand
Atypical pulmonary patterns of congestive failure in chronic lung disease. The influence of pre-existing disease on the appearance and distribution of pulmonary edema.
The radiographic features of an even earlier stage of congestive failure were identified, and increased vascular dilatations in the upper zones and hilar areas, as compared to relatively constricted lower vessels, were observed in associatio... Expand
Liver abscess: sonography in diagnosis and treatment.
The sonographic appearance of the abscesses was nonspecific and varied from anechoic lesions to highly echogenic solid masses, and Septations, fluid-fluid interfaces, and debris were also observed. Expand
Intracranial meningiomas: a roentgen study of 126 cases.
It is the purpose to evaluate the own material, which consists of 126 proved cases, each including one or more intracranial meningiomas, seen at Montefiore Hospital (New York) in the past thirteen years, and to describe certain roentgen criteria characteristically observed in these lesions. Expand