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Mindful Inquiry in Social Research
Research The New Context and a New Approach From Positivism to Postmodernity The Mindful Inquirer as a Philosopher Mindful Inquiry as the Basis for Scholarly Practice Fundamentals of Mindful InquiryExpand
Knowledge and Human Interests
Preface. Translatora s Note. Part I: The Crisis of the Critique of Knowledge. 1. Hegela s Critique of Kant:. Radicalization or Abolition of the Theory of Knowledge. 2. Marxa s Metacritique of Hegel:.Expand
Competing on talent analytics.
Do investments in your employees actually affect workforce performance? Who are your top performers? How can you empower and motivate other employees to excel? Leading-edge companies such as Google,Expand
Toward a rational society: Student protest, science and politics;
Universities must transmit technically exploitable knowledge. That is, they must meet an industrial society's need for qualified new generations and at the same time be concerned with the expandedExpand
Structures Of Thinking
Central to Karl Mannheim's thinking, these essays about the methodological basis of his work show how we can understand, test and mobilize our convictions about the links between cultural and socialExpand
INFORMATION LITERACY AS A LIBERAL ART Enlightenment proposals for a new curriculum
What does a person need to know today to be a full-fledged, competent and literate member of the information society? As we witness not only the saturation of our daily lives with informationExpand