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The impact of online reviews on consumers' purchase decisions in online shopping
This paper takes the women's clothing of online shopping as the research object. Based on the B2C trading platform, collecting the data by designing and issuing the questionnaire, through correlationExpand
Research on the influencing factors of customer referral behavior based on social network—Application in the catering industry
Abstract Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate how customers' social network affects customer referral behavior. Methodology A survey of 180 qualified questionnaires from ordinaryExpand
Cloning and expression analysis of glucose transporter 4 mRNA in the cold hardiness frog, Rana dybowskii.
BACKGROUND The Rana dybowskii distribute in northeast region of China which have seasonally cold climates. During winter they survival freezing by biosynthesizing carbohydrate cryoprotectants such asExpand
Influence of cultural factors on brand drivers of customer equity—research on cultural differences between the US and China
  • J. Shao, Gui Tang
  • Business
  • International Conference on Management Science…
  • 6 November 2009
While adapting to the cultural environment of target market country has become the key to success for international enterprises, little attention is paid to the influence of culture on customerExpand
An empirical research on the influencing factors of express company's customer loyalty
Customer-oriented relationship marketing theory has been recognized among the marketing researchers, maintaining and improving customer loyalty has become more and more important for enterprises. InExpand
When and why vivid description is effective: The role of message involvement and utilitarian attitude
With the prevalence of online shopping, product presentation tactics, especially text descriptions, are particularly significant in attracting consumers. Of current text description styles, pallidExpand
How highly creative product descriptions lead to attitude change: a dual-process model
ABSTRACT This study employs a heuristic-systematic model to examine the internal mechanisms responsible for the persuasiveness of text descriptions that are high (vs. low) in creativity, and theirExpand