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Newton and the Origin of Civilization
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Crisis: A useful category of post-social scientific historical analysis?
IN 1971, AS THE ORIGINATING DEBATES about the "general crisis of the seventeenth century" were reaching their twilight, Randolph Starn stepped into the role of Minerva's owl to offer a set ofExpand
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On the alleged cartesianism of Fontenelle
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:Footprints of the Lion: Isaac Newton at Work
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How Calculus-Based Mathematical Physics Arose in France after 1700: A Historicized Actor-Network Narrative as Explanation
This essay argues that a historically specific actor-network narrative of how calculus-based mathematical physics came to be assembled and institutionalized in France around 1700 stands as anExpand
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Special Issue: After the Scientific Revolution: Thinking Globally about the Histories of the Modern Sciences
History of science today needs to fully escape from the categories and narrative frameworks created during the Cold War formation of the discipline. Most problematic is the portentous notion ofExpand
What Exactly Was Torricelli’s “Barometer?”
What exactly was Evangelista Torricelli up to when, in 1644, he took mercury filled tubes and turned them upside down in other mercury filled tubs? A canonical story anchored by the largerExpand
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