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Atomically thin MoS₂: a new direct-gap semiconductor.
The electronic properties of ultrathin crystals of molybdenum disulfide consisting of N=1,2,…,6 S-Mo-S monolayers have been investigated by optical spectroscopy and the effect of quantum confinement on the material's electronic structure is traced.
Tightly bound trions in monolayer MoS2.
  • K. Mak, K. He, +4 authors J. Shan
  • Materials Science, Medicine
    Nature materials
  • 31 October 2012
The spectroscopic identification in a monolayer MoS(2) field-effect transistor of tightly bound negative trions, a quasiparticle composed of two electrons and a hole is reported, which has no analogue in conventional semiconductors.
Control of valley polarization in monolayer MoS2 by optical helicity.
It is demonstrated that optical pumping with circularly polarized light can achieve complete dynamic valley polarization in monolayer MoS(2) (refs 11, 12), a two-dimensional non-centrosymmetric crystal with direct energy gaps at two valleys.
Photonics and optoelectronics of 2D semiconductor transition metal dichalcogenides
The electronic and optical properties and the recent progress in applications of 2D semiconductor transition metal dichalcogenides with emphasis on strong excitonic effects, and spin- and
Ising pairing in superconducting NbSe2 atomic layers
The superconducting properties of NbSe2 as it approaches the monolayer limit are investigated by means of magnetotransport measurements, uncovering evidence of spin–momentum locking.
Carrier dynamics in semiconductors studied with time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy
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Seeing many-body effects in single- and few-layer graphene: observation of two-dimensional saddle-point excitons.
The experiment showed a weak dependence of the excitonic resonance in few-layer graphene on layer thickness, which reflects the effective cancellation of the increasingly screened repulsive electron-electron (e-e) and attractive electron-hole ( e-h) interactions.
Ultrafast photoluminescence from graphene.
A two-temperature model describing the electrons and their interaction with strongly coupled optical phonons can account for the experimental observations of significant light emission from graphene under excitation by ultrashort (30-fs) laser pulses.
Tightly bound excitons in monolayer WSe(2).
The result reveals significantly reduced and nonlocal dielectric screening of Coulomb interactions in 2D semiconductors and will have a significant impact on next-generation photonics and optoelectronics applications based on 2D atomic crystals.
Strongly enhanced charge-density-wave order in monolayer NbSe2.
A combined optical and electrical transport study on the many-body collective-order phase diagram of NbSe2 down to a thickness of one monolayer opens up a new window for search and control of collective phases of two-dimensional matter, as well as expanding the functionalities of these materials for electronic applications.