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Characterization and in vitro biological effects of concentrated particulate matter from Mexico City
Abstract Coarse and fine particles were collected using an ambient particle concentrator (VACES system) in the north, center and south regions of Mexico City during May and November of 2003 with theExpand
Cholesterol increase in mitochondria: its effect on inner-membrane functions, submitochondrial localization and ultrastructural morphology.
The effect of cholesterol incorporation on some functions of the mitochondrial inner membrane and on the morphology of rat liver mitochondria was studied. Basal ATPase and succinate dehydrogenaseExpand
Influence of transplacental NA-872 and dexamethasone therapy on fetal and newborn mouse lung.
The techniques of light and electron microscopy were used to study the morphogenesis and cytodifferentiation in the last quarter of fetal development of the mouse lung and the early postpartal stageExpand
Structural and Biochemical Changes in the Plasma Membrane from Dry and Imbibed Embryos
It is generally assumed that the plasma membrane suffers adjustments in structure and function during the onset of germination due to water penetration into the seed. However, there are noExpand
Study on the influence of NA-872 (ambroxol) and dexamethasone on the differentiation of Clara cells in albino mice.
The techniques of light and electron microscopy were used to study the sequence of changes in the fine structure of the developing nonciliated bronchiolar cells in the last quarter of gestation inExpand
Improving results of freezing equine semen
Oxidative stress is an excessive production of reactive oxygen species as O2 -, -OH and H2O2. ROS is produced by spermatozoa’s metabolism, oxidative burst of neutrophils, abnormal spermatozoa andExpand