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Constraints from Dynamical Friction on the Dark Matter Content of Barred Galaxies
We show that bars in galaxy models having halos of moderate density and a variety of velocity distributions all experience a strong drag from dynamical friction unless the halo has large angularExpand
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The Properties of the Galactic Bar Implied by Gas Kinematics in the Inner Milky Way
Longitude-velocity (l-V) diagrams of H I and CO gas in the inner Milky Way have long been known to be inconsistent with circular motion in an axisymmetric potential. Several lines of evidence suggestExpand
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Dynamics of Barred Galaxies
Some 30% of disc galaxies have a pronounced central bar features in the disc plane and many more have weaker features of a similar kind. Kinematic data indicate that the bar constitutes a majorExpand
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Modeling Noncircular Motions in Disk Galaxies: Application to NGC 2976
We present a new procedure to fit nonaxisymmetric flow patterns to two-dimensional velocity maps of spiral galaxies. We concentrate on flows caused by barlike or oval distortions to the totalExpand
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A dynamical instability of bars in disk galaxies
STRONG, rapidly rotating, persistent bars readily form in numerical simulations of initially axisymmetric disk galaxies1–4. The global dynamical instability responsible for this behaviour is a greatExpand
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Transient Spirals as Superposed Instabilities
We present evidence that recurrent spiral activity, long manifested in simulations of disk galaxies, results from the superposition of a few transient spiral modes. Each mode lasts between 5 and 10Expand
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LAMOST Experiment for Galactic Understanding and Exploration (LEGUE) — The survey’s science plan
We describe the current plans for a spectroscopic survey of millions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy using the Guo Shou Jing Telescope (GSJT, formerly called the Large sky Area Multi-Object fiberExpand
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We use fully self-consistent N-body simulations of barred galaxies to show that dynamical friction from a dense dark matter halo dramatically slows the rotation rate of bars. Our result supportsExpand
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Bi-symmetric instabilities of the Kuz'min/Toomre disc
Etude numerique de l'influence d'un mouvement aleatoire sur les modes insrables de formation des barres d'un type de modeles de disques stellaires. On montre que le taux de croissance des barres estExpand
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