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Vulnerability of water resources, vegetation productivity and soil erosion to climate change in Mediterranean watersheds
Climate change is expected to increase temperatures and lower rainfall in Mediterranean regions; however, there is a great degree of uncertainty as to the amount of change. This limits the predictionExpand
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Comparative analysis of MODIS-FAPAR and MERIS-MGVI datasets: potential impacts on ecosystem modeling.
Abstract Assessing the ecosystem productivity dynamics is a key issue in the context of the carbon cycle at the southern Europe ecosystems. The availability of remote sensing data and products, asExpand
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Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for land-use management problem
Land-use management problem/practice may be defined as the process of allocating different competitive land uses/activities, such as agriculture, forest, industries, recreational activities or conservation, to different units of a landscape to meet the desired objectives of land managers. Expand
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Identification of vegetation and soil carbon pools out of equilibrium in a process model via eddy covariance and biometric constraints
Assumptions of steady-state conditions in biogeochemical modelling are often invoked because knowledge on the development status of the modelling domain is generally unavailable. Here, we investigateExpand
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Unraveling electricity consumption profiles in households through clusters: Combining smart meters and door-to-door surveys
Abstract Improvements of energy efficiency and reduction of Electricity Consumption (EC) could be pushed by increased knowledge on consumption profiles. This paper contributes to a comprehensiveExpand
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Implications of the carbon cycle steady state assumption for biogeochemical modeling performance and inverse parameter retrieval
We analyze the impacts of the steady state assumption on inverse model parameter retrieval from biogeochemical models. An inverse model parameterization study using eddy covariance CO 2 flux data wasExpand
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Projections of energy services demand for residential buildings: Insights from a bottom-up methodology
Projections of energy demand are important for energy security supply and low carbon futures, and usually rely on final energy consumption trends methods, limiting the opportunity for future options.Expand
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Modeling the response of within-storm runoff and erosion dynamics to climate change in two Mediterranean watersheds: A multi-model, multi-scale approach to scenario design and analysis
Abstract Climate change in the Mediterranean is expected to lead to lower total rainfall and soil moisture, together with higher storm intensities; different vegetation types are expected to reactExpand
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Long-term energy scenarios: : Bridging the gap between socio-economic storylines and energy modeling
This paper presents a framework to link socio-economic storylines, sustained by national stakeholders' workshops, with the development of quantitative energy scenarios through 2050, generated by the TIMES_PT model. Expand
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Sensitivity of runoff and soil erosion to climate change in two Mediterranean watersheds. Part I: model parameterization and evaluation
Climate change is expected to effect storm runoff and erosion processes in Mediterranean watersheds at multiple spatial scales. Models are typically applied to estimate these impacts; however, theExpand
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