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Banded Vegetation Patterning in Arid and Semiarid Environments
Banded vegetation patterns and related structures * Theories on the origins, maintenance, dynamics and functioning of banded landscapes * Specific methods of study * Runoff and Erosion Processes *Expand
Towards an understanding of coupled physical and biological processes in the cultivated Sahel - 2. Vegetation and carbon dynamics
Summary This paper analyses the dynamics of vegetation and carbon during the West African monsoon season, for millet crop and fallow vegetation covers in the cultivated area of the Sahel. ComparingExpand
Vegetation Dynamics: Recruitment and Regeneration in Two-Phase Mosaics
Banded landscapes are characterized by bands of dense perennial vegetation oriented parallel to the contour, separated by bare soil (Figures 1.1, 1.10, 1.12, this volume). They are widely distributedExpand
The AMMA-CATCH Gourma observatory site in Mali: Relating climatic variations to changes in vegetation, surface hydrology, fluxes and natural resources
The Gourma site in Mali is one of the three instrumented meso-scale sites deployed in West-Africa as part of the African Monsoon Multi-disciplinary Analysis (AMMA) project. Located both in theExpand
Relationships between climate, soil moisture and phenology of the woody cover in two sites located along the West African latitudinal gradient
The study quantifies the relationships at local scale between phenology and determinants of climate and soil water resources at two sites located along the latitudinal gradient of West Africa, one inExpand
Plant phenology in relation to water availability: herbaceous and woody species in the savannas of northern Cameroon
Phenological patterns of herbaceous and woody plants well represented in the Sudano-Sahelian savannas of northern Cameroon were studied in relation to water availability in three contrasted soilExpand
Variations in phenology of a residual invasive shrub species in Sahelian fallow savannas, south-west Niger
The aim of this work was to analyse the phenological variation of a residual invasive semi-evergreen shrub in Sahelian fallows in Niger. This species, Guiera senegalensis (Combretaceae), hasExpand
Relationships between soil moisture and growth of herbaceous plants in a natural vegetation mosaic in Niger
Abstract The ‘tiger bush’ is a particular vegetation pattern in which densely vegetated bands alternate with bare areas. In general, bare areas are working as impluvium for the downslope vegetatedExpand
Differences between banded thickets (tiger bush) at two sites in West Africa.
. This paper deals with the influence of edaphic conditions on the spatial structure of banded thickets or tiger bush (brousse tigree). It is based on two sites in West Africa, with similar climaticExpand
Phenology of Woody Species Along the Climatic Gradient in West Tropical Africa
West tropical Africa (WTA) is known to be one of the most exposed regions in the world to climate change. The seasonality of rainfall and of atmospheric conditions, including a dry season lasting forExpand