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Sensorimotor function as a predictor of chronic ankle instability.
BACKGROUND Recurrent ankle injury occurs in 70% of individuals experiencing a lateral ankle sprain. The cause of this high level of recurrence is currently unknown. Researchers have begun toExpand
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Therapeutic massage of the neck and shoulders produces changes in peripheral blood flow when assessed with dynamic infrared thermography.
OBJECTIVE This study's objective was to determine the effect of therapeutic massage on peripheral blood flow utilizing dynamic infrared thermography in a constant temperature/humidity thermal chamberExpand
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Mechanical Joint Laxity Associated With Chronic Ankle Instability
Context: Lateral ankle sprains can manifest into chronic mechanical joint laxity when not treated effectively. Joint laxity is often measured through the use of manual stress tests, stressExpand
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Segmental spinal reflex adaptations associated with chronic ankle instability.
OBJECTIVE To further understanding of the role that segmental spinal reflexes play in chronic ankle instability (CAI). DESIGN A 2 x 2 repeated-measures case-control factorial design. TheExpand
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Whole‐body vibration influences lower extremity circulatory and neurological function
  • K. Games, J. Sefton
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  • 1 August 2013
Whole‐body vibration (WBV) is currently used to enhance performance and treat injuries even though we lack an understanding of how WBV influences physiological processes. An improved understanding ofExpand
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Effect of Whey Protein Supplementation on Physical Performance and Body Composition in Army Initial Entry Training Soldiers
We investigated the effects of whey protein (WP) supplementation on body composition and physical performance in soldiers participating in Army Initial Entry Training (IET). Sixty-nine, male UnitedExpand
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Effects of stance width on performance and postural stability in national-standard pistol shooters
Abstract The aim of the present study was to determine whether changing stance width would result in a corresponding change in postural and/or pistol stability. Twelve national-standard male airExpand
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Cryotherapy and ankle bracing effects on peroneus longus response during sudden inversion.
Cryotherapy and ankle bracing are often used in conjunction as a treatment for ankle injury. No studies have evaluated the combined effect of these treatments on reflex responses during inversionExpand
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Prediction of Injuries and Injury Types in Army Basic Training, Infantry, Armor, and Cavalry Trainees Using a Common Fitness Screen.
CONTEXT  Musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) are among the most important challenges facing our military. They influence career success and directly affect military readiness. Several methods ofExpand
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