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The continuing salience of race: Discrimination and diversity in South Africa
Abstract The end of apartheid has brought a resurgence of research into racial identities, attitudes and behaviour in South Africa. The legacy of systematic racial ordering and discrimination underExpand
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Class, Race, and Inequality in South Africa
The distribution of incomes in South Africa in 2004, ten years after the transition to democracy, was probably more unequal than it had been under apartheid. In this book, Jeremy Seekings and NicoliExpand
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Poverty and Inequality after Apartheid
Democratic South Africa was born amidst high hopes for the reduction of income poverty and inequality from their high levels under apartheid. The reality has been disappointing: despite steadyExpand
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Democracy and distribution in highly unequal economies: the case of South Africa
Given that incomes in South Africa are distributed very unequally, it might be expected that the establishment of representative democracy would result in the adoption of redistributive policies. YetExpand
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The Broader Importance of Welfare Reform in South Africa
Abstract On the agenda for welfare reform in South Africa are proposals to expand the public provision of welfare in radical new ways. Not only does this contrast with the prevailing global trend ofExpand
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The UDF: A History of the United Democratic Front in South Africa, 1983-1991
The new South Africa cannot be understood without a knowledge of the history of the UDF and its role in the transition to democracy. As Professor Gail Gerhart has written, "Without the UDF, theExpand
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The Rise and Fall of the Weberian Analysis of Class in South Africa between 1949 and the Early 1970s*
The hegemony of Marxist approaches to the study of stratification in South Africa has obscured the prominence of Weberian contributions between the late 1940s and the early 1970s. Some of theseExpand
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