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Feedback dynamics of grazing lawns: coupling vegetation change with animal growth
Because larger goslings have increased survival, higher probability of breeding, and higher fecundity, herbivore-mediated changes in the distribution grazing lawn extent may result in a numerical increase of the population within the next two decades. Expand
Characteristics of climate and landscape disturbance influence the dynamics of greater sage‐grouse populations
Climatic processes and disturbance associated with post-wildfire exotic grass invasion on annual survival, per-capita recruitment, and population growth of breeding male sage-grouse in eastern Nevada, USA are evaluated. Expand
Environmental influence on life-history traits: Growth, survival, and fecundity in Black Brant ( Branta bernicla )
An important role of early environment in determining life-history traits is suggested in determining the body size of Black Brant goslings and eventual adult body size, breeding propensity, and size and volume of clutches they eventually produced. Expand
Adaptations to and consequences of an herbivorous diet in grouse and waterfowl
Diet selection in grouse and waterfowl is reviewed in the context of their herbivorous diets and adaptations to herbivory in these groups are discussed. Expand
Seasonal reproductive costs contribute to reduced survival of female greater sage‐grouse
Evidence for heterogeneity among females with respect to reproductive success is found; compared with unsuccessful females, females that raised a brood successfully in year two were more than twice as likely to be successful in year t  1. Expand
Growth Rate is Negatively Correlated with Hatch Date in Black Brant
Test the hypothesis that late-hatching goslings of Black Brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) grow more slowly than those hatching early, and finds seasonal variation in gosling growth rate may favor early nesting in arctic geese. Expand
North American Brant: effects of changes in habitat and climate on population dynamics
We describe the importance of key habitats used by four nesting populations of nearctic brant (Branta bernicla) and discuss the potential relationship between changes in these habitats and populationExpand
Dietary Selectivity in Relation to Availability and Quality of Food for Goslings of Cackling Geese
La qualite des aliments sur le site de reproduction peut influencer la dynamique de population des oies en depit de the disponibilite globale elevee des vegetaux herbaces. Expand