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Orthogonal Designs: Quadratic Forms and Hadamard Matrices
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HAVAL - A One-Way Hashing Algorithm with Variable Length of Output
A one-way hashing algorithm is a deterministic algorithm that compresses an arbitrary long message into a fingerprint of 128, 160, 192, 224 or 256 bits. Expand
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Fundamentals of Computer Security
From the Publisher: The book studies modern concepts of Computer Security. Expand
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Hadamard matrices, Sequences, and Block Designs
One hundred years ago, in 1893, Jacques Hadamard [31] found square matrices of orders 12 and 20, with entries ±1, which had all their rows (and columns) pairwise orthogonal. These matrices, X =Expand
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Nonlinearity and Propagation Characteristics of Balanced Boolean Functions
We show that concatenating, splitting, modifying, and multiplying (in the sense of Kronecker) sequences can yield balanced Boolean functions with a very high nonlinearity. Expand
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Identification of Bad Signatures in Batches
The paper addresses the problem of bad signature identification in batch verification of digital signatures. Expand
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Nonlinearly Balanced Boolean Functions and Their Propagation Characteristics (Extended Abstract)
This paper studies systematic methods for constructing Boolean functions satisfying some or all of the three criteria. Expand
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Public Key Cryptography
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  • 2000
We are going to devote most of our attention in this talk to the RSA Public Key Cryptosystem because it not only remains unbroken but it has some other useful features for digital signatures and authentication. Expand
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LOKI - A Cryptographic Primitive for Authentication and Secrecy Applications
This paper provides an overview of the LOKI encryption primitive which may be used to encrypt and decrypt a 64-bit block of data using a64-bit key. Expand
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Secret sharing schemes arising from latin squares
A critical set in a latin square is a partial latin square which has a unique completion. In this paper we demonstrate how critical sets can be used in the design of secret sharing schemes.Expand
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