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Social Network Analysis: A Handbook
Networks and Relations The Development of Social Network Analysis Handling Relational Data Lines, Direction and Density Centrality and Centralization Components, Cores, and Cliques Positions, Roles,Expand
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The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis
Social network analysis has been one of the fastest growing and most influential areas of recent times. This sparkling Handbook offers an unrivalled resource. Systematically, it introduces readers toExpand
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This paper reviews recent developments in the analysis of business power and the corporate elite, focussing on those approaches rooted in the techniques of social network analysis. A typology ofExpand
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Corporate Business and Capitalist Classes
Large multinational corporations shape our lives to an enormous extent. How is the growth, power, and significance of big business to be explained and understood? Focusing on the issues of ownership,Expand
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A Prostitute's progress: male prostitution in scientific discourse
This paper examines discourses of male prostitution through an analysis of scientific texts. A contrast is drawn between nineteenth-century understandings of male prostitution and twentieth-centuryExpand
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Redistributive Impact and Efficiency of Mexico’s Fiscal System
A comprehensive tax and benefit incidence analysis is presented covering the redistributive fiscal instruments implemented in Mexico in 2008 and 2010, representative of the urban and rural sectors,Expand
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Masculinity, rurality and violence
The assumption that the size, anonymity and weakened social controls of urban living generates social conflict, disorganization and higher rates of crime and violence has been an article of faith inExpand
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Sociology and Its Others: Reflections on Disciplinary Specialisation and Fragmentation
1.1 It is probably true to say that, until fairly recently, many sociologists would happily have described their subject as 'the science of society'. Nowadays we are rather more hesitant in using theExpand
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Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis: Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences
Personal relationships have long been of central interest to social scientists, but the subject of friendship has been relatively neglected. Moreover, most studies of friendship have been socialExpand
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