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The art of not being governed : an anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia
From the acclaimed author and scholar James C. Scott, the compelling tale of Asian peoples who until recently have stemmed the vast tide of state-making to live at arm's length from any organizedExpand
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Everyday Forms of Resistance
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The erosion of patron-client bonds and social change in rural southeast Asia
This paper attempts to explain how, in Southeast Asia, the strong patron-client bonds which joined peasants to local elites tended to break down during the colonial period—particularly inExpand
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Environmental Determinants of Infectious Disease: A Framework for Tracking Causal Links and Guiding Public Health Research
We present a framework that provides a context from which to examine the relationship between environmental changes and disease transmission and a structure to unite disparate pieces of information from a variety of disciplines. Expand
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Chinese Business Face: Communication Behaviors and Teaching Approaches
Chinese businesspersons are extremely sensitive to protecting and enhancing face. The Chinese sensitivity to face is a result of their emphasis on enduring relation ships and social networks. TheExpand
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When Does Overuse of Antibiotics Become a Tragedy of the Commons?
Background Over-prescribing of antibiotics is considered to result in increased morbidity and mortality from drug-resistant organisms. A resulting common wisdom is that it would be better for societyExpand
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Estimating global mortality from potentially foodborne diseases: an analysis using vital registration data
BackgroundFoodborne diseases (FBD) comprise a large part of the global mortality burden, yet the true extent of their impact remains unknown. The present study utilizes multiple regression with theExpand
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Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States
An Economist Best History Book 2017 "History as it should be written."-Barry Cunliffe, Guardian "Scott hits the nail squarely on the head by exposing the staggering price our ancestors paid forExpand
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