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A lack of default network suppression is linked to increased distractibility in ADHD
Heightened distractibility in participants with ADHD as indexed by increased reaction time (RT) variability has been hypothesized to be due to a failure to sufficiently suppress activation in theExpand
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Distinct neural signatures detected for ADHD subtypes after controlling for micro-movements in resting state functional connectivity MRI data
In recent years, there has been growing enthusiasm that functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could achieve clinical utility for a broad range of neuropsychiatric disorders. However, severalExpand
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Expression of nerve growth factor receptors by Schwann cells of axotomized peripheral nerves: ultrastructural location, suppression by axonal contact, and binding properties
Axotomy of sciatic nerve fibers in adult rats induces expression of NGF receptor in the entire population of Schwann cells located distal to the injury (Taniuchi et al., 1986b). In the present studyExpand
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The Impact of Early Behavior Disturbances on Academic Achievement in High School
BACKGROUND. Previous research has indicated that childhood behavioral disturbances predict lower scores on academic tests and curtail educational attainment. It is unknown which types of childhoodExpand
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Patients with schizophrenia have a reduced neural response to both unpredictable and predictable primary reinforcers
One prevalent theory of learning states that dopamine neurons signal mismatches between expected and actual outcomes, called temporal difference errors (TDEs). Evidence indicates that dopamine systemExpand
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Alterations in the functional anatomy of working memory in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
OBJECTIVE The authors used a functional neuroimaging study with a working memory probe to investigate the pathophysiology of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Their goal was to compareExpand
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Is there evidence for neural compensation in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? A review of the functional neuroimaging literature.
This article reviews evidence for the presence of a compensatory, alternative, neural system and its possible link to associated processing strategies in children and adults with attention deficitExpand
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Will Working Memory Training Generalize to Improve Off-Task Behavior in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?
Computerized working memory and executive function training programs designed to target specific impairments in executive functioning are becoming increasingly available, yet how well these programsExpand
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Affect Recognition in Adults With ADHD
Objective: This study compared affect recognition abilities between adults with and without ADHD. Method: The sample consisted of 51 participants (34 men, 17 women) divided into 3 groups:Expand
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Handler beliefs affect scent detection dog outcomes
Our aim was to evaluate how human beliefs affect working dog outcomes in an applied environment. We asked whether beliefs of scent detection dog handlers affect team performance and evaluatedExpand
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