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Direct Current Electrical Stimulation Increases the Fusion Rate of Spinal Fusion Cages
Study Design. A randomized experimental evaluation of direct current stimulation in a validated animal model with an experimental control group, using blinded radiographic, biomechanical, histologic,Expand
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Bone changes in mucopolysaccharidosis VI in cats and the effects of bone marrow transplantation: mechanical testing of long bones.
Mucopolysaccharidosis VI (MPS VI) is a genetic lysosomal storage disease in which a defect in aryl sulfatase B leads to accumulation of the glycosaminoglycan dermatan sulfate and abnormalities in theExpand
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Modelling steady state pulmonary elimination of He, SF6 and CO2: effect of morphometry.
We studied the influence of acinar morphometry on the shape of simulated expirograms computed from a single path convection-diffusion model that includes a source term for gas evolution from theExpand
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Effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on late‐phase osteotomy gap healing in a canine tibial model
The effects of a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) on late bone healing phases using an osteotomy gap model in the canine mid‐tibia were investigated. A transverse mid‐diaphyseal tibial osteotomyExpand
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Risedronate treatment does not increase microdamage in the canine femoral neck.
Cortical and trabecular bone from the femoral neck of 24 adult female beagle dogs was examined for microdamage following 2 years of treatment with risedronate (NE-58095). Specimens of the femoralExpand
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In vivo evaluation of calcium sulfate as a bone graft substitute for lumbar spinal fusion.
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Posterolateral fusions of the lumbar spine have nonunion rates as high as 35%. The availability of autologous bone to promote fusion is limited, particularly for multilevelExpand
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Histological and mechanical evaluation of self-setting calcium phosphate cements in a sheep vertebral bone void model.
We investigated the histological and compressive properties of three different calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) using a sheep vertebral bone void model. One of the CPCs contained barium sulfate toExpand
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Sensitivity of CO2 washout to changes in acinar structure in a single-path model of lung airways
A numerical solution of the convection-diffusion equation with an alveolar source term in a single-path model (SPM) of the lung airways simulates steady state CO2 washout. The SPM is used to examineExpand
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Noninvasive recovery of acinar anatomic information from CO2 expirograms
A numerical single path model of respiratory gas exchange with distributed alveolar gas sources was used to estimate the anatomical changes in small peripheral airways such as occur in chronicExpand
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Biomechanical evaluation of kyphoplasty with calcium phosphate cement in a 2-functional spinal unit vertebral compression fracture model.
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Kyphoplasty is used to treat vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) by inflating a balloon within the vertebral body (VB) to create a void, thereby reducing the fracture, and thenExpand
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