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Social Behavior in Passalid Beetles (Coleoptera: Passalidae): Cooperative Brood Care
A brief summary is given concerning passalid social behavior in relation to their life cycle. Passalid pairs defend log tunnels and remain with offspring from egg to adulthood. Parent-offspringExpand
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Altitudinal Distribution of Passalid Beetles (Coleoptera, Passalidae) and Pleistocene Dispersal on the Volcanic Chain of Northern Central America
The passalid beetle fauna of seven Guatemalan volcanoes is apparently quite uniform. A given species has a similar altitudinal range on different volcanoes. Of the 14 species, ChondrocephalusExpand
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The genus and its five known species are redescribed and P. jicaquei sp. nov. is described. Synonymies include P. beckeri Zang, 1905 with P. opacipennis (Thompson, 1857) (new synonymy), P.Expand
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What Can Scarabaeoidea Contribute to the Knowledge of the Biogeography of Guatemala?
Abstract Scarabaeoidea is one of the biogeographically best known groups of organisms for Nuclear Central America, especially Guatemala. They have been used to determine areas of endemism for cloudExpand
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Odontotaenius floridanus New Species (Coleoptera: Passalidae): A Second U.S. Passalid Beetle
Larvae and adults of Odontotaenius floridanus New Species are described from the southern end of the Lake Wales Ridge in Highland Co., FL. This species may have evolved as a population isolatedExpand
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The gut of Guatemalan passalid beetles: a habitat colonized by cellobiose- and xylose-fermenting yeasts
Abstract The gut of insects is a productive environment for discovering undescribed species of yeasts, and the gut of wood-feeding insects of several families is especially rich in yeasts that carryExpand
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Acoustical Signals of Passalid Beetles: Complex Repertoires
Adult passalids produced sounds of 7 basic structural types in at least 13 different behavioral contexts. A given type in a particular behavioral context may be termed a "signal". A total of 31Expand
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In the New World, beetles of the primarily tropical family Passalidae occur in rotting wood from southern Michigan and southern Ontario to northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Brazil.Expand
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