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The Effects of an After-School Tutoring Program on the Academic Performance of At-Risk Students and Students with LD
Improving the educational outcomes for students who are at risk for academic failure is an important issue for educators and policymakers. Recently, before- and after-school tutoring programs haveExpand
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The Development and Validation of an Interactive Hypermedia Program for Teaching a Self-Advocacy Strategy to Students with Disabilities
Educators agree that students with disabilities need to acquire self-advocacy skills. Despite the existence of validated methods to teach these skills, evidence suggests that they are seldomExpand
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Effects of Instruction in an Assignment Completion Strategy on the Homework Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities in General Education Classes
Homework is an important activity in the lives of school-aged children, including students with learning disabilities (LD). Characteristics often associated with LD (e.g., poor organizational skills)Expand
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Test-Taking Strategy Instruction for Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Many secondary students with EBD are mainstreamed in regular classes and are required to take tests in those classes to demonstrate their competence with regard to their mastery of the content.Expand
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Application of a Group Training Program in Social Skills and Problem Solving to Learning Disabled and Non-Learning Disabled Youth
The efficacy of training learning disabled adolescents in social and problem-solving skills was evaluated by conducting a group skill-training program with three sets of youths: learning disabledExpand
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Instructional Practices for Promoting Skill Acquisition and Generalization in Severely Learning Disabled Adolescents
Programming options for learning disabled (LD) adolescents have received increased attention over the past decade. In addition to curriculum-related issues, efforts must also be aimed at solving theExpand
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Group Social Skills Training with Adolescents
Over the past decade, social skills training in groups has become a popular method of therapy for adolescents. This treatment approach has evolved from work in several fields: research in appliedExpand
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Tutoring Programs for Academically Underprepared College Students: A Review of the Literature.
Orchestrating the success of underprepared college students is a major area of focus for many post-secondary learning institutions. One-to-one tutoring is the support service most often provided toExpand
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1 High Schools and Adolescents With Disabilities: Challenges at Every Turn
June 6, 2005, was a very special day for Jason Warner. It was also a real highlight for his parents. At 7:30 that evening, Jason joined 289 of his classmates to receive his high school diploma fromExpand
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Multipass: A Learning Strategy for Improving Reading Comprehension
Multipass, a complex learning strategy designed to enable students to gain information from textbook chapters, was taught to eight learning disabled adolescents. The instructional procedures involvedExpand
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