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Pathology of the migration phase of Taenia hydatigena (Pallas, 1766) larvae.
The pathological picture of the migration phase of C. tenuicollis in pigs is characterized by a haemorrhagia within the liver parenchyma and under the liver surface. The haemorrhagia, whichExpand
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Ultrastructure of the hatched and unhatched oncospheres of Taenia saginata.
The ultrastructure of the oncospheres of Taenia saginata after treatment with artificial gastric juice is described. After the treatment with the gastric juice, the oncosphere remains in theExpand
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Ultrastructure of Taenia saginata oncospheres cultivated in artificial media.
Oncospheres of Taenia saginata cultivated in Leibovitz's medium on a cell monolayer from calf kidney developed up to 10th day of in vitro cultivation. Fine and often branched microvilli were observedExpand
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The microscopical anatomy of the bladder wall of Cysticercus bovis at the electron microscope level
SummaryElectron microscope has demonstrated new facts in the microscopical anatomy of the bladder wall of Cysticercus bovis. The distal cytoplasm of the tegument is relatively low and dominated byExpand
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Some diagnostic, biologic and morphologic characteristics of Francisella tularensis strains isolated from the ticks Ixodes ricinus (L.) in the Prague agglomeration.
Four infectious agents were isolated from the ticks Ixodes ricinus (L.) collected in the recreational area and park-forest of Prague. On the basis of cultivation, staining, biochemical, serologicExpand
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Pathology of experimental Cysticercus bovis infection in the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus Linné, 1758).
In the present study, the tissue reaction of the brain, skeletal muscles and heart in experimental C. bovis infection of the reindeer is described. There is non-purulent cysticercal leptomeningitesExpand
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Ultrastructure of the bladder tegument of Cysticercus bovis in various stages of its development.
Early developmental stages of C. bovis possess microvilli on the tegument. The differentiation of microtriches occurs at the time of scolex formation. The distal cytoplasm contains rod-shaped bodiesExpand
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Dog as definitive host of Sarcosporidia infecting roe deer.
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Morphology of Cysticercus bovis during its development.
On day 14 p.i., C. bovis is a spherical formation without cavity (in neonatally infected calves, the cavity already starts to form). On day 21 p.i., a conical anlage of the scolex is formed and onExpand
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