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System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach
System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach, Second Edition also studies in detail the similarities and differences with the classical time domain approach. Expand
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Identification of Linear Systems: A Practical Guideline to Accurate Modeling
Chapter headings and selected topics: Preface. A General Introduction to Parameter Estimation. Steps in the identification process. Parameter estimation, an example: measurement of a resistor. TheExpand
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Crest-factor minimization using nonlinear Chebyshev approximation methods
Low crest-factor of excitation and response signals is desirable in transfer function measurements, since this allows the maximization of the signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) for given allowableExpand
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The interpolated fast Fourier transform: a comparative study
The properties of five interpolating fast Fourier transform methods (IFFT) are studied with respect to their systematic errors and their noise sensitivity, for a monofrequency signal. It is shownExpand
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An improved sine-wave fitting procedure for characterizing data acquisition channels
This paper presents a new sine-wave fitting procedure for characterizing data acquisition channels and analog-to-digital converters. Expand
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Parametric identification of transfer functions in the frequency domain-a survey
This paper gives a survey of frequency domain identification methods for rational transfer functions in the Laplace (s) or z-domain. The interrelations between the different approaches areExpand
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Three free data sets for development and benchmarking in nonlinear system identification
We present three freely downloadable sets of data, suitable for development, testing and benchmarking of system identification algorithms for nonlinear systems. Expand
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Estimation of nonparametric noise and FRF models for multivariable systems—Part I: Theory
Abstract This series of two papers presents a method for estimating nonparametric noise and frequency response function models of multivariable linear dynamic systems excited by arbitrary inputs. ItExpand
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Parametric and nonparametric identification of linear systems in the presence of nonlinear distortions-a frequency domain approach
This paper studies the asymptotic behavior of nonparametric and parametric frequency domain identification methods to model linear dynamic systems in the presence of nonlinear distortions under someExpand
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An Introduction to Identification
This chapter contains sections titled: What Is Identification? Identification: A Simple Example Description of the Stochastic Behavior of Estimators Basic Steps in the Identification Process AExpand
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