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Typology of sociotechnical transition pathways
Contributing to debates about transitions and system changes, this article has two aims. First, it uses criticisms on the multi-level perspective as stepping stones for further conceptualExpand
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Regime shifts to sustainability through processes of niche formation : the approach of strategic niche management
The unsustainability of the present trajctories of technical change in sectors such as transport and agriculture is widely recognized. It is far from clear, however, how a transition to moreExpand
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Strategic niche management and sustainable innovation journeys: theory, findings, research agenda, and policy
  • J. Schot, F. Geels
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • Technol. Anal. Strateg. Manag.
  • 1 September 2008
This article discusses empirical findings and conceptual elaborations of the last 10 years in strategic niche management research (SNM). Expand
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Experimenting for Sustainable Transport: The Approach of Strategic Niche Management
Technological change is a central feature of modern societies and a powerful source for social change. There is an urgent task to direct these new technologies towards sustainability, but societyExpand
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Transitions to Sustainable Development: New Directions in the Study of Long Term Transformative Change
There has been a growing concern about the social and environmental risks which have come along with the progress achieved through a variety of mutually intertwined modernization processes. This bookExpand
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The dynamics of transitions: a socio-technical perspective
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The past and future of constructive technology assessment
Constructive technology assessment (CTA) is a member of the family of technology assessment approaches. developed in particular in the Netherlands and Denmark. CTA shifts the focus away fromExpand
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Three frames for innovation policy: R&D, systems of innovation and transformative change
Science, technology and innovation (STI) policy is shaped by persistent framings that arise from historical context. Two established frames are identified as co-existing and dominant in contemporaryExpand
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Space and scale in socio-technical transitions
The multi-level perspective (MLP) is a widely adopted framework for analysing stability, change and transitions in socio-technical systems. Key to explanations of change is the interaction betweenExpand
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