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Color--Mass-to-Light Ratio Relations for Disk Galaxies
We combine Spitzer $3.6\mu$ observations of a sample of disk galaxies spanning over 10 magnitudes in luminosity with optical luminosities and colors to test population synthesis prescriptions forExpand
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Weighing Galaxy Disks with the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation
We estimate the stellar masses of disk galaxies with two independent methods: a photometrically self-consistent color$-$mass-to-light ratio relation (CMLR) from population synthesis models, and theExpand
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The Structure of Galaxies I: Surface Photometry Techniques
This project uses the 2MASS all-sky image database to study the structure of galaxies over a range of luminosities, sizes and morphological types. This first paper in this series will outline theExpand
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The Stellar Masses of Disk Galaxies and the Calibration of Color-Mass to Light Ratio Relations
We present new Spitzer 3.6 micron observations of a sample of disk galaxies spanning over 10 magnitudes in luminosity and ranging in gas fraction from ~10% to over 90%. We use these data to testExpand
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Colors of Ellipticals from GALEX to Spitzer
Multi-color photometry is presented for a large sample of local ellipticals selected by morphology and isolation. The sample uses data from GALEX, SDSS, 2MASS and Spitzer to cover the filters NUV,Expand
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The Star Forming Main Sequence of Dwarf Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
We explore the star forming properties of late type, low surface brightness (LSB) galaxies. The star forming main sequence (SFR-$M_*$) of LSB dwarfs has a steep slope, indistinguishable from unityExpand
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Dynamical Regularities in Rotating Galaxies.
Galaxies are observed to obey a strict set of dynamical scaling relations. We review these relations for rotationally supported disk galaxies spanning many decades in mass, surface brightness, andExpand
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