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An Outline of the Bibliometric Indicator Used for Performance-Based Funding of Research Institutions in Norway
This article outlines and discusses the bibliometric indicator used for performance-based funding of research institutions in Norway. It is argued that the indicator is novel and innovative asExpand
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Matrix comparison, Part 1: Motivation and important issues for measuring the resemblance between proximity measures or ordination results
The present two-part article introduces matrix com-parison as a formal means of evaluation in informetric studies such as cocitation analysis, as well as two important issues influencing such comparisons, such as matrix generation and composition of proximity measures. Expand
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Impacts of performance-based research funding systems: The case of the Norwegian Publication Indicator
There has been a growing use of performance-based research funding systems (PRFS) as a policy tool. With the introduction of the Publication Indicator in 2004, Norway joined this international trendExpand
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Celebrating Scholarly Communication Studies: A Festschrift for Olle Persson at his 60th Birthday
Celebrating scholarly communication studies : A Festschrift for Olle Persson at his 60th Birthday. Special volume of the e-newsletter of the international society for scientometrics and informetricsExpand
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Performance-based funding models and researcher behavior: An analysis of the influence of the Norwegian Publication Indicator at the individual level
The growing use of performance-based research funding systems (PRFS) has motivated increased interest in how they influence researcher behavior. This paper draws both on survey and publication dataExpand
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Matrix comparison, Part 2: Measuring the resemblance between proximity measures or ordination results by use of the mantel and procrustes statistics
We introduce and thoroughly demonstrate two related matrix comparison techniques the Mantel test and Procrustes analysis, respectively, which can be used as statistical validation tools in informetric studies and thus help choosing suitable proximity measures. Expand
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The Janus Faced Scholar: A Festschrift in Honour of Peter Ingwersen
This paper briefl y discusses the history of the standard information retrieval evaluation criteria, measures and methods, and why they are unsuitable for the evaluation of interactive informationExpand
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Testing University Rankings Statistically : Why this Perhaps is not such a Good Idea after All . Some Reflections on Statistical Power , Effect Size , Random Sampling and Imaginary Populations
In this paper we discuss and question the use of statistical significance tests in relation to university rankings as recently suggested. We outline the assumptions behind and interpretations ofExpand
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Influence of study design on the citation patterns of Danish, medical research
A recent report has shown a discrepancy between citations to Danish research publications with international collaboration and without; with a higher citation rate to international publications. ThisExpand
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