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Defining and cataloging exoplanets: the exoplanet.eu database
We describe an online database for extrasolar planetary-mass candidates, which is updated regularly as new data are available. We first discuss criteria for inclusion of objects in the catalog:
Remote sensing of planetary properties and biosignatures on extrasolar terrestrial planets.
It is found that both the mid-IR and the visible to near-IR wavelength ranges offer valuable information regarding biosignatures and planetary properties; therefore both merit serious scientific consideration for TPF and Darwin.
The CoRoT-7 planetary system: two orbiting super-Earths
We report on an intensive observational campaign carried out with HARPS at the 3.6 m telescope at La Silla on the star CoRoT-7. Additional simultaneous photometric measurements carried out with the
On the detection of satellites of extrasolar planets with the method of transits
We compute the detection probability of satel- lites of extrasolar planets with the method of transits, un- der the assumption that the duration of the observations is at least as long as the planet
A Study of the Accuracy of Mass-Radius Relationships for Silicate-Rich and Ice-Rich Planets up to 100 Earth Masses
A mass-radius relationship is proposed for solid planets and solid cores ranging from 1 to 100 Earth-mass planets. It relies on the assumption that solid spheres are composed of iron and silicates,
Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission
Context. The pioneer space mission for photometric planet searches, CoRoT, steadily monitors about 12,000 stars in each of its fields of view; it is able to detect transit candidates early in the
The thermal emission of the young and massive planet CoRoT-2b at 4.5 and 8 μm
We report measurements of the thermal emission of the young and massive planet CoRoT-2b at 4.5 and 8 μm with the Spitzer Infrared Array Camera (IRAC). Our measured occultation depths are 0.510 ±
The mass of CoRoT-7b, the first transiting super-Earth exoplanet, is still a subject of debate. A wide range of masses have been reported in the literature ranging from as high as 8 M ⊕ to as low as
On the simultaneous optical and near-infrared variability of pre-main sequence stars
For a complete understanding of the physical processes causing the photometric variability of pre-main sequence systems, simultaneous optical and near-IR observations are required to disentangle the
Strategies for the Search of Life in the Universe
The question of the existence of Life elsewhere in the Universe is probably the oldest scientific question since it was already formulated in appropriate terms by Epicurus in his ‘Letter to