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Isolation, structure, and synthesis of combretastatins A-1 and B-1, potent new inhibitors of microtubule assembly, derived from Combretum caffrum.
The structural simplicity and ready synthesis of combretastatin A-1 and combretastsatin B-1 suggest that these new biosynthetic products will become useful in a variety of biological endeavors. Expand
Pasteuria nishizawae sp. nov., a mycelial and endospore-forming bacterium parasitic on cyst nematodes of genera Heterodera and Globodera.
This study describes Pasteuria nishizawae sp. nov., a fourth species of the genus Pasteuria. This mycelial and endospore-forming bacterium parasitizes the adult females of cyst-forming nematodes inExpand
In spheroplasts of growing cells induced with penicillin, the stalks did not appear to be affected, indicating that the stalk wall is a relatively inert, nongrowing structure, and the morphogenetic implications of these findings are discussed. Expand
Interactions of tubulin with potent natural and synthetic analogs of the antimitotic agent combretastatin: a structure-activity study.
Available analogs were examined for antimitotic and cytotoxic activity and for effects on tubulin polymerization and colchicine binding and the most promising compound is the (cis)-stilbene derivative ( cis)-1-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)-2-(3'-hydroxy-4'-methoxyl)ethene, which has been named combretastatin A-4. Expand
Antineoplastic agents 338. The cancer cell growth inhibitory. Constituents of Terminalia arjuna (Combretaceae).
Cancer cell growth inhibitory constituents residing in the bark, stem and leaves of the Mauritius medicinal plant Terminalia arjuna were examined and the cancer cell line active components were found to be gallic acid, ethyl gallate, and the flavone luteolin. Expand
Antineoplastic agents. Part 409: Isolation and structure of montanastatin from a terrestrial actinomycete.
A Montana soil actinomycete produced a new cancer cell growth inhibitory cyclooctadepsipeptide named montanastatin accompanied by the potent anticancer antibiotic valinomycin in very high yields, which inhibited growth of a number of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Expand
Isolation and structure of the cancer cell growth inhibitor dictyostatin 1
Dictyostatin 1 2, a new type of macrocyclic lactone bearing a 22-membered ring system, has been isolated (3.4 × 10–7% yield) from a Republic of Maldives marine sponge in the genus Spongia and foundExpand
Isolation and structure of combretastatin
The South African tree Combretumcaffrum has been shown to contain a constituent capable of significantly reversing astrocyte formation employing the National Cancer Institute's 9ASK system. TheExpand
Cell growth inhibitory dihydrophenanthrene and phenanthrene constituents of the African tree Combretum caffrum
Combretum caffrum, a tree in the family Combretaceae, has been found to contain three 9,10-dihydrophenanthrenes (6,7-dihydroxy-2,3,4-trimethoxy; 7-hydroxy-2,3,4,6-tetramethoxy; andExpand