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Multilayer Thin Films: Sequential Assembly of Nanocomposite Materials
Foreword.Preface.List of ContributorsPolyelectrolyte Multilayers, an Overview (G. Decher).Fundamentals of Polyelectrolyte Complexes in Solution and the Bulk (V. Kabanov). Polyelectrolyte AdsorptionExpand
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Multilayer Thin Films
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Factors Controlling the Growth of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
The dependence of polyelectrolyte multilayer thickness on salt concentration, salt type, solvent quality, deposition time, and polymer concentration is evaluated. Polymers are deposited on spinningExpand
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Asymmetric growth in polyelectrolyte multilayers.
Radioactive counterions were used to track the ratio of positive to negative polymer repeat units within a polyelectrolyte multilayer made from poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride), PDADMAC, andExpand
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Zwitteration: Coating Surfaces with Zwitterionic Functionality to Reduce Nonspecific Adsorption
  • J. Schlenoff
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and…
  • 22 April 2014
Coating surfaces with thin or thick films of zwitterionic material is an effective way to reduce or eliminate nonspecific adsorption to the solid/liquid interface. This review tracks the variousExpand
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Protein adsorption modalities on polyelectrolyte multilayers.
Protein adsorption on polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEMUs) was evaluated using a combination of synthetic polyelectrolytes and proteins, including serum albumin, fibrinogen, and lysozyme. VariablesExpand
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The Polyelectrolyte Complex/Coacervate Continuum
Stoichiometric polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs) of the strong polyelectrolytes poly(styrenesulfonate) (PSS) and poly(diallyldimethylammonium) (PDADMA) were dissociated and dissolved in aqueous KBr.Expand
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Swelling and Smoothing of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers by Salt
By use of in situ atomic force microscopy, polyelectrolyte multilayers were shown to swell on exposure to solutions containing salt. The quasilinear swelling response, used to estimate swellingExpand
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Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Containing a Weak Polyacid: Construction and Deconstruction
The growth of multilayers made from a combination of a weak polyacid and a strongly dissociated polycation is studied as a function of salt concentration and molecular weight. Film thickness reachesExpand
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