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Climate change, vulnerability and adaptation in North Africa with focus on Morocco
Abstract Our study links environmental impacts of climate change to major socio-economic and agricultural developments in North Africa. We jointly investigate climate projections, vulnerability,Expand
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Climate change vulnerability, adaptation and risk perceptions at farm level in Punjab, Pakistan.
Pakistan is among the countries highly exposed and vulnerable to climate change. The country has experienced many severe floods, droughts and storms over the last decades. However, little researchExpand
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Raiding pastoral livelihoods: motives and effects of violent conflict in north-western Kenya
Conflicts related to livestock raiding are not new phenomena in many pastoral societies in the Horn of Africa. Traditionally, various pastoral communities use raiding as a cultural practice forExpand
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Drought Adaptation and Coping Strategies Among the Turkana Pastoralists of Northern Kenya
This study highlights drought characteristics and the many responses to drought stresses employed by Turkana pastoralists of northwestern Kenya. Multiple data sources, including socioeconomicExpand
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Assessment of groundwater quality in the coastal area of Sindh province, Pakistan
Groundwater is a highly important resource, especially for human consumption and agricultural production. This study offers an assessment of groundwater quality in the coastal areas of Sindh provinceExpand
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Disentangling the Climate-conflict Nexus: Empirical and Theoretical Assessment of Vulnerabilities and Pathways
Recent research has provided new insights into the relationship between climate change and violent conflict. In this review we compare the results, methodologies, and data applied in theExpand
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On exposure, vulnerability and violence: Spatial distribution of risk factors for climate change and violent conflict across Kenya and Uganda
Abstract Recent studies discuss the link between climate change and violent conflict, especially for East Africa. While there is extensive literature on the question whether climate change increasesExpand
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Climate Change and Violent Conflict
Current debates over the relation between climate change and conflict originate in a lack of data, as well as the complexity of pathways connecting the two phenomena.
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One effect to rule them all? A comment on climate and conflict
A recent Climatic Change review article reports a remarkable convergence of scientific evidence for a link between climatic events and violent intergroup conflict, thus departing markedly from otherExpand
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