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Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora
Introduction Recent decades have seen a major international effort to inventory tree communities in the Amazon Basin and Guiana Shield (Amazonia), but the vast extent and record diversity of theseExpand
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Dispersal limitation induces long-term biomass collapse in overhunted Amazonian forests
Significance A standardized network of wildlife surveys across 166 Amazonian hunted and nonhunted forests, combined with basin-wide spatial modeling of central-place hunting pressure, reveal theExpand
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Markedly divergent estimates of Amazon forest carbon density from ground plots and satellites
Aim The accurate mapping of forest carbon stocks is essential for understanding the global carbon cycle, for assessing emissions from deforestation, and for rational land-use planning. Remote sensingExpand
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Hyperdominance in Amazonian forest carbon cycling
While Amazonian forests are extraordinarily diverse, the abundance of trees is skewed strongly towards relatively few ‘hyperdominant' species. In addition to their diversity, Amazonian trees are aExpand
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Persistent effects of pre-Columbian plant domestication on Amazonian forest composition
Past human influences on Amazonian forest The marks of prehistoric human societies on tropical forests can still be detected today. Levis et al. performed a basin-wide comparison of plantExpand
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Steege Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora
, (2013); 342 Science et al. Hans ter Steege Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. clicking here. colleagues, clients, or customers by ,Expand
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Deforestation and conservation in major watersheds of the Brazilian Amazon
been deforested, and to reduce further losses and preserve the important natural and cultural resources in this region, large conservation areas have been created by the Brazilian government. TheExpand
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Amazon forest carbon dynamics predicted by profiles of canopy leaf area and light environment.
Tropical forest structural variation across heterogeneous landscapes may control above-ground carbon dynamics. We tested the hypothesis that canopy structure (leaf area and light availability) -Expand
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Diversity enhances carbon storage in tropical forests
Aim: Tropical forests store 25% of global carbon and harbour 96% of the world's tree species, but it is not clear whether this high biodiversity matters for carbon storage. Few studies have teasedExpand
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Estimating the global conservation status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species
Analyses of forest loss and protected areas suggest that 36 to 57% of Amazonian tree flora may qualify as “globally threatened.” Estimates of extinction risk for Amazonian plant and animal speciesExpand
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