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Associations between Borg’s rating of perceived exertion and physiological measures of exercise intensity
Borg’s rating of perceived exertion (RPE) is a widely used psycho-physical tool to assess subjective perception of effort during exercise. We evaluated the association between Borg’s RPE andExpand
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72-h kinetics of high-sensitive troponin T and inflammatory markers after marathon.
INTRODUCTION Strenuous exercise induces significant increases in cardiac biomarkers. However, it is still unclear whether this is caused by cardiomyocyte necrosis or secondary mechanisms such asExpand
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Evidence for an exercise induced increase of TNF-α and IL-6 in marathon runners.
Regular physical activity of moderate intensity improves cardiovascular risk factors including low-grade inflammation. However, acute vigorous exercise such as marathon running results in markedExpand
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An internet-delivered exercise intervention for workplace health promotion in overweight sedentary employees: a randomized trial.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of structured vs. non-structured internet-delivered exercise recommendations on aerobic exercise capacity and cardiovascular risk profile in overweight sedentaryExpand
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Association of body composition and left ventricular dimensions in elite athletes
Background: Correction for body composition is recommended for appropriate interpretation of equivocally altered cardiac dimensions. We sought to investigate the impact of body composition onExpand
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Repolarization perturbation and hypomagnesemia after extreme exercise.
PURPOSE Strenuous exercise induces significant increases in inflammatory and cardiac biomarkers and transient dysfunction of the left ventricle. It is still unclear whether the electrophysiologicalExpand
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GymSkill: A personal trainer for physical exercises
We present GymSkill, a personal trainer for ubiquitous monitoring and assessment of physical activity using standard fitness equipment. The system records and analyzes exercises using the sensors ofExpand
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Robust, reproducible and quantitative analysis of thousands of proteomes by micro-flow LC–MS/MS
Nano-flow liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (nano-flow LC–MS/MS) is the mainstay in proteome research because of its excellent sensitivity but often comes at the expense of robustness.Expand
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Association between a beta2-adrenergic receptor polymorphism and elite endurance performance.
The Arg16Gly single nucleotide polymorphism of the human beta(2)-adrenoceptor (ADRB2) gene was evaluated in a case-control study that included 313 white male elite endurance athletes and 297 whiteExpand
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Validity of cardiac implantable electronic devices in assessing daily physical activity.
BACKGROUND Data on physical activity assessed by cardiac implantable electronic devices (ICD/CRT) have been used for prognostic implications in heart failure patients, but no study has ever comparedExpand
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