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A study of cross‐tolerance to circulatory effects of organic nitrates
Ten hospitalized volunteer subjects were given pentaerythrol tetra nitrate daily in divided doses over a period of four weeks, and changes in blood pressure and heart rate after NTC were significantly decreased while subjects were receiving PETN. Expand
Enalapril maleate and a lysine analogue (MK-521): disposition in man.
Serum concentration v time profiles for both drugs were polyphasic and exhibited prolonged terminal phases, indicating lack of significant metabolism of these agents, apart from the bioactivation of enalapril. Expand
Enalapril maleate and a lysine analogue (MK-521) in normal volunteers; relationship between plasma drug levels and the renin angiotensin system.
A close correlation between percent inhibition of plasma converting enzyme activity and the serum concentration of active metabolite was observed, and converting enzyme blockade as expressed by the ratio plasma angiotensin II/angiotens in I was closely correlated with serum active metabolites levels. Expand
Effect of a new angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor MK 421 and its lysine analogue on the components of the renin system in healthy subjects.
There was a close correlation between both angiotensin II and aldosterone levels and the logarithm of plasma converting enzyme activity demonstrating that angioten II andAldosterone fell only when converting enzymes activity was reduced to very low levels. Expand
Effect of foodstuffs on the absorption of zinc sulfate
Dairy products and brown bread decreased zinc absorption and Coffee seems to inhibit zinc absorption, and experiments in vitro have shown that zinc is precipitated by phosphate and phytate at pR values dose to that of the intestinal lumen. Expand
Effect of the menstrual cycle, oral contraception and pregnancy on forearm blood flow, venous distensibility and clotting factors
The oral contraceptive with the high progestagen component appeared to increase venous capacitance and may induce venous stasis, whereas coagulability was particularly enhanced by the estrogen-type contraceptive. Expand
Influence of food and antacid administration on fluoride bioavailability from enteric-coated sodium fluoride tablets.
Enteric-coated NaF tablets used in this study can be administered with food or after a 2-hour delay following antacid administration, but should not be taken simultaneously with antacid. Expand