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Migration as a contribution to resilience and innovation in climate adaptation: Social networks and co-development in Northwest Africa
Human migration has been described as one of the conflict constellations in regions affected by climate change, but can also contribute to climate adaptation. Migrant social networks can help toExpand
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Bioenergy and land use: a spatial-agent dynamic model of energy crop production in Illinois
To reduce dependence on foreign oil and natural gas and address concerns about climate change, the USA is increasingly developing renewable, domestic energy sources, notably biomass for theExpand
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Scenarios for regional passenger car fleets and their CO2 emissions
Passenger car traffic is among the main contributors to anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which are responsible for climate change. It is also an important indicator used to forecastExpand
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Migration, social demands and environmental change amongst the Frafra of Northern Ghana and the Biali in Northern Benin
The impacts of environmental change and degradation on human populations, including the possibility of sharp increases in the number of people considered “environmental migrants” have gainedExpand
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Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict: Challenges for Societal Stability
Part I Introduction.- Part II Climate Change, Human Security, Societal Stability, and Violent Conflict: Empirical and Theoretical Linkages.- Part III Climate Change and the Securitization Discourse.-Expand
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Ecological and economic sustainability in fishery management: A multi-agent model for understanding competition and cooperation
Recent studies have shown that many marine ecosystems are experiencing an accelerating loss of population and biodiversity. It is apparent that there is a growing disparity between the availableExpand
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Conceptualizing ConflictSpace: Toward a Geography of Relational Power and Embeddedness in the Analysis of Interstate Conflict
The concept of ConflictSpace facilitates the systematic analysis of interstate conflict data. Building on relational theories of power, we identify the spatiality of conflict as a combination ofExpand
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Global hot spots
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Climate and conflicts: the security risks of global warming
Since the publication of the fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007, the securitization of global warming has reached a new level. Numerous publicExpand
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Climate change and security
How is global warming affecting existing competition for resources and changing international security priorities? A survey of recent research shows how complex the picture could become.
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