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Analysis of rectangular waveguide-gratings for amplifier applications
A slow-wave structure composed of a grating inside a rectangular waveguide is analyzed. This type of slow-wave structure is examined for use in a low-voltage amplifier application with a sheetExpand
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Helicon experiments and simulations in nonuniform magnetic field configurations
Wave, antenna impedance, plasma density, and temperature anisotropy measurements are carried out for a helicon plasma source in nonuniform and uniform static magnetic fields. Strong axial densityExpand
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Third-order intermodulation reduction by harmonic injection in a TWT amplifier
A method for reducing the two-tone third-order intermodulation products arising from two carrier frequencies at 1.95 and 2.00 GHz is demonstrated in a traveling wave tube-distributed amplifier. TheExpand
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Microwave reflections from a vacuum ultraviolet laser produced plasma sheet
A pulsed, 193 nm excimer laser is utilized to photoionize the organic gas tetrakis- dimethylamino-ethylene (TMAE). The laser ionizes a plasma sheet with a width of 7.8 cm and an adjustable thicknessExpand
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Plasma interferometry at high pressures
A general formulation for the measurement of plasma density and effective collision frequency for lowly as well as highly, collisional plasmas using millimeter wave interferometry is presented. InExpand
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Wave propagation and absorption simulations for helicon sources
A two-dimensional (2-D), finite-difference computer code is developed to examine helicon antenna coupling, wave propagation, collisionless Landau, and collisional heating mechanisms. The codeExpand
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Suppression of third-order intermodulation in a klystron by third-order injection.
The first observations and measurements are reported on suppression of the third-order intermodulation (IM3) product arising from nonlinear mixing of two drive frequencies in a klystron, byExpand
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An analysis of the folded waveguide: a compact waveguide launcher for ICRF heating
Theoretical and experimental investigations of the folded waveguide launcher as proposed for use in the ion-cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) heating of tokamak plasmas are presented. TheoreticalExpand
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Doppler broadening of atomic-hydrogen lines in DC and capacitively coupled RF plasmas
The mechanism of extraordinary broadening of the Balmer lines of hydrogen admixed with noble gases in a dc glow discharge and a capacitively coupled rf discharge is studied over a wide range ofExpand
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Possibilities for breakeven and ignition of D-3He fusion fuel in a near term tokamak
The feasibility of D-3He reactor plasma conditions in a tokamak of the NET/INTOR class is investigated. It is found that, depending on the energy confinement scaling law, energy breakeven can beExpand
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