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Automated prescreening of pigmented skin lesions using standard cameras
This paper describes a new method for classifying pigmented skin lesions as benign or malignant. The skin lesion images are acquired with standard cameras, and our method can be used in telemedicineExpand
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Segmentation of the optic disk in color eye fundus images using an adaptive morphological approach
The identification of some important retinal anatomical regions is a prerequisite for the computer aided diagnosis of several retinal diseases. In this paper, we propose a new adaptive method for theExpand
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Shading Attenuation in Human Skin Color Images
This paper presents a new automatic method to significantly attenuate the color degradation due to shading in color images of the human skin. Shading is caused by illumination variation across theExpand
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A coarse-to-fine strategy for automatically detecting exudates in color eye fundus images
The detection of exudates is a prerequisite for detecting and grading severe retinal lesions, like the diabetic macular edema. In this work, we present a new method based on mathematical morphologyExpand
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Adaptive image denoising using scale and space consistency
This paper proposes a new method for image denoising with edge preservation, based on image multiresolution decomposition by a redundant wavelet transform. In our approach, edges are implicitlyExpand
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Edge detection of color images using directional operators
This paper discusses an approach for detecting edges in color images. A color image is represented by a vector field, and the color image edges are detected as differences in the local vectorExpand
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Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation via Iterative Stochastic Region Merging
An automatic method for segmenting skin lesions in conventional macroscopic images is presented. The images are acquired with conventional cameras, without the use of a dermoscope. AutomaticExpand
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A two-stage approach for discriminating melanocytic skin lesions using standard cameras
In this paper, we propose a novel approach to discriminate malignant melanomas and benign atypical nevi, since both types of melanocytic skin lesions have very similar characteristics. Recent studiesExpand
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Macroscopic Pigmented Skin Lesion Segmentation and Its Influence on Lesion Classification and Diagnosis
Melanoma is a type of malignant pigmented skin lesion, and currently is among the most dangerous existing cancers. However, differentiating malignant and benign cases is a hard task even forExpand
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Fovea center detection based on the retina anatomy and mathematical morphology
In this work, we present a new fovea center detection method for color eye fundus images. This method is based on known anatomical constraints on the relative locations of retina structures, andExpand
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